EA Sports FC24- Best/Meta 442 Custom Tactics

EA Sports FC24 is finally out on all major platforms. The game feels very similar to last year except for passing which seems to be improved.

Football games are not just played with pure skill. At times your strategy could outperform someone who is even better than you.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at the 4-4-2 formation for this year and the best custom tactics that you can use with it in EA Sports FC24.

EA Sports FC24- Best/Meta 442 Custom Tactics

There could be a lot of ways you can build your strategy in FC24. Some prefer to stay defensive, while some love to play a risky pressure game. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what makes you feel comfortable.

However, if you are not new to the game, you would know how inconsistent the gameplay is. In one game everything works like a charm and in the next game, it doesn’t. The strategies that work most of the time are regarded as Meta and most people use it online.

Here is the most effective or rather the Meta custom tactics for the 4-4-2 formation in FC24.

  • The 4-4-2 formation by default is very offensive. Therefore a Balanced Defensive style with 44 width and 56 depth works fine with the formation.
  • Direct Passing is also good this year but I feel they have improved the default Balanced Chance Creation. Now the players make really good off-the-ball movement and you will always have a passing option, no matter what the situation.  Therefore Balanced Build-Up and Chance Creation is the way to go.
  • 60 Width with 6 players in the box works like a charm. The width lets you use the wings more.

Player Instructions for the 442 Custom Tactics:

  • The back 4 should be on Stay Back While Attacking.
  • The more defensive CM should be on Stay Back While Attacking, Cover Center, and Stay on Edge of the Box for Cross.
  • More offensive CM should be on all Balanced Instructions only.
  • Faster Striker should be on Get In Behind. The one will a lower pace should be on Balanced Instructions and Stay Central.
  • LM and RM should be on Get in the Box for Cross only.

Make sure you keep the ball and try not to rush when you are attacking. The player movement is good this year, so wait for them to make runs and then you can go for the through balls. You can also pass the ball to one striker and manually trigger the other one to make a run. You can then lob the ball to that striker.

Try to use the wings more in this formation. The extra width not only helps your wingers but also spreads the opponent’s defense as they try to mark your players. Switching wings could easily catch defenders out of position if your opponent is playing a low-width defense.

Well, there you go, that is all on “EA Sports FC24- Best/Meta 442 Custom Tactics

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on EA Sports FC24.


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