EA Sports FC24- BEST/META 5212 Formation Custom Tactics

The 5-2-1-2 is considered a formation for beginners who lack defending skills. Well, to be honest, even though the formation holds 5 at the back, but is certainly one of the most offensive formations out there.

If you actually Yes, it is not logical to believe that a 5 at the back formation could be offensive but with this set of tactics, you could easily transform this formation into an offensive one.

In this guide, we will be talking about the best custom tactics for 5212 formation in EA Sports FC24 Ultimate Team. 

EA Sports FC24- BEST/META 5212 Formation Custom Tactics

The best thing about this formation is that it performs well both defensive and offensive. You might feel it does not give you enough width but that is also not the case.

Here are the custom tactics for the formation:

  • 45 for width and 55 for depth with a Balanced Defense style works perfectly fine for this formation.
  • For offensive style, Balanced with Direct Passing seems to work well.
  • Keep the width between 45 to 50 and players in the box to 6. Don’t make it 7.

Player Instructions for the 5-2-1-2:

  • The 3 CBs will be on Stay at the Back While Attacking.
  • The wingbacks will act as defenders as well as side midfielders who help you out on the flanks. Keep them on Join Attack with Overlap instructions. If you want to close out the game and defend a lead for the last 15 minutes of the game, change their instructions to Stay Back While Attacking.
  • The CMs will be on Stay Back While Attacking. Keep both on Cover Wing so that they defend the sides when your wing backs push forward.
  • CAM should be on Balanced and Get into the Box for Cross.  
  • The Strikers should be on Balanced instructions as well. Keep the faster one on Get In Behind. 

Your main focus should be to spot the overlapping runs of your fullbacks. Work the ball around until you find one of them making that overlapping run behind the opponent’s fullback. Lob the ball to them and run towards the goal. A cutback pass is the best option for these situations.

Your wing backs will run out of stamina within 65-70 minutes of the game, so you might have to sub them off and get two more wing backs on. Parking the bus is not really my style of play but with the tactics I provided, you would actually be attacking more than defending.

That is all on “EA Sports FC24- BEST/META 5212 Formation Custom Tactics

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