EA Sports FC24- How to do FOUNDATIONS 1 SBC in Web App

We are just a day away from the official Early Access release of EA Sports FC24. Like every year we already have access to the FC24 Web App.

There is already so much you can do in the app. But in this guide, we will talk about how you can quickly complete the Foundations 1 SBC.

EA Sports FC24- How to do FOUNDATIONS 1 SBC in Web App

If you are new to the franchise, let me explain what the web app is. The EA Sports FC24 Web Application is basically an online app that lets you complete SBCs and trade players.

There are two versions of this app. The one that you get on your phone as a separate app called the Companion App and the one where you log in through a browser called the Web App.

We still do not have access to the companion app. However, once you log in to the Web App, you will be able to complete the new SBC called Foundations 1 to get some easy rewards.

Here is how you can quickly complete it.

There are 4 Squads  you need to submit in this SBC:

Squad 1- Break Away:

You need to submit 1 Common Bronze card to the squad.

  • Open the squad.
  • Click on the player slot and select Add Player on the right.
  • Go to Quality on the right side and select Bronze
  • Go to Rarity and select Common.
  • Select a low-rated Common Bronze player
  • Then select Exchange Players.

Squad 2- A Brace:

You need to submit 2 Common Bronze players in this one.

Make sure you submit the lowest-rated ones.

Squad 3- Hat-Trick

For this, you would need to submit at least 3 Common Bronze players.

Follow the steps like you did in the first one and complete the SBC.

Squad 4- A Pair of Pairs

The last squad requires 4 common Bronze players.

You can open the Bronze player packs that you are getting as a reward in case you are running out of bronze players.

Remember, there is no need for you to submit players of the exact same position as the slot. You can submit any player since Chemistry is not a requirement.

Here is an example of the second squad that I have submitted. You can see that neither of them are Center Backs. I also made sure that I put only the lowest-rated players from nations that do not link well.

There you go, that is all on “EA Sports FC24- How to do FOUNDATIONS 1 SBC in Web App

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on EA Sports FC24


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