EA Sports FC24 New Ultimate Team Features

EA Sports FC24 is the rebranded name of the franchise we are all familiar with, FIFA. Trailers had been dropping for quite a few days as EA always wants their football fans to know what they are buying into.

We finally have the Deep Dive Trailer for Ultimate Team which is undoubtedly the most-played game mode of all time. It is also one of the reasons why users buy the game in the first place.

Here are some of the new features we would be getting for Ultimate Team this year.

EA Sports FC24 New Ultimate Team Features

We get to see quite a few changes in Ultimate Team every year. This time the changes are more focused on what the users asked for.

Player Evolutions:

The biggest game changing feature this year would be Player Evolutions. You can now pick your favorite player from the club and boost his stats to a point that makes him usable throughout the year.

All you need to do is complete objectives with that player. You can also change the player card design to make him stand out as your favorite player when your opponent checks out your team.

Women’s Football in Ultimate Team:

Now you can use female players in Ultimate Team as well. This gives you a wide range of options for team chemistry.

This also means we may now have more special cards to pick from. Overall, I would say it is one of the best changes in Ultimate Team so far.

Menu Changes:

A lot of changes have been done to the menus to ensure easier navigation.

The Quick Switcher is a new feature that lets you switch between modes easily. So now if you are doing SBCs, and you want to play Friendlies, you do long have to go all the way back. You can easily switch to the mode while you are on your SBC screen.

The best change so far is the Claim All Objectives option. The community wanted this badly and they listened. Now you can claim all the objectives with just one click instead of going around claiming them one by one.

No Position Modifiers:

I remember how annoying the Position Modifiers were at the start of the game. There would not be enough modifiers in your club and you had to buy them from the market.

Although as the game progressed you ended up having a thousand of them it is the early stages that bothered me.

Now any player can be placed in their alternate position without using a modifier.

Icon Chemistry:

Team Chemistry overall did not change but there is a new way of linking Icons to your players now.

Every Icon will now give you a +1 to league links for every player. Earlier they only gave a boost to players from their own nationality which really made it difficult to link them. Now you can finally have icons you love without worrying about the overall team chemistry.

Pack Changes:

Now you will have every player available in packs throughout the year. I am not a hundred percent sure about what they meant by this but I think gold and promo cards will be in the packs at the same time.

Normally when we had a special card for a player the gold item would not be in packs for a limited time. It will not be the same anymore. This will definitely have a tremendous impact on the transfer market.

Also, the new double walkout animation looks really good. This would trigger only if you manage to get to walkouts in the same pack.


PlayStyles is a brand new feature being added this year. It makes players play like their real-life counterparts. There are many different playstyles that enhance a particular aspect of a player’s game. PlayStyles Plus is, however, only available to renowned world-class players.

For example, Vini is known for his acceleration and dribbling. A playstyle plus of Quick-Step would suit him best.

Well, these are the new changes that we are going to find in Ultimate Team this year. I hope FC24 lives up to the expectations and deliver the best Ultimate Team experience ever.

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