EA Sports FC24 Ultimate Team New Features

If I had to give you one reason to buy the game, that would probably be Ultimate Team. The game mode has been the most popular ever since it started and managed to get users addicted to the franchise.

The fact that EA is willing to give you so many Pre Order bonuses related to Ultimate Team shows how well-established the game mode is.

Like every year, Ultimate Team mode will have some new features. Although there isn’t much we know about, the leaks are from reliable sources.

Here is a guide that would sum up all the new features of Ultimate Team that we will be getting this year in EA Sports FC24.

EA Sports FC24 Ultimate Team New Features

Talking about new features, there will be some that will be related to gameplay and some to the menus in general. Here is what we know so far:

New Ultimate Team Card Designs: 

Instead of the traditional UT card, you have a new design where the stats would be shown in just one line. Normally we used have 3 stats on the left and 3 on the right but here is a picture of what it could look like this year.

The Nike Ultimate Team Campaign:

This is something I am looking forward to. It is only for people who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of the game. Although I am not sure whether it would be like a promo campaign where we normally collect Swap Tokens for rewards or a single-player campaign mode with a story.

It could possibly have different characters that you could use in the Ultimate Team as well. We still do not have much information about this campaign. Ultimate Edition users will also be able to use the Nike Ultimate Team Kit which looks super good.

Claim All Objectives Button:

This is the best news for all Ultimate Team fans. We know how it feels to claim 50 objectives individually that include Stadiums customizations like the Tifo and all. Claiming all the objectives in one click could be a really good feature that might save us a lot of time and effort.

Pack more than one card of the same Player:

This news could be a huge letdown for traders. One of the best ways to make coins in Ultimate Team would be to buy the gold cards of the players who went out of packs when their special cards were in the market. You would only be able to pack the special cards and it was not until they were removed from packs would you be able to pack a gold version.

However, it seems like now we could be having the specials and the gold version of a player in the same pack. Which is pretty stupid if you ask me but we would have to learn o deal with it. This is still leaked news and nothing as of yet has been confirmed.

New Icons and Hero cards:

Like every year there would be new Icons and Hero cards that will be available to us. One of them is going to be Nwankwo Kanu who would appear as a Hero Card.

We are yet to know who the other ones are.

Player Evolution:

You can now evolve an existing player in your club to help you in your quest on building a better team.

Stats would be increased based on the completion of certain objectives.

Women’s Football in Ultimate Team:

Perhaps the most interesting feature added to this year’s FC 24 Ultimate Team. We would be able to use female footballers for the first time in Ultimate Team. This would lead to more usable players and more options for chemistry links in the squad.

A very well-planned move by EA to keep us engaged with Women’s Football throughout the year especially with the Women’s World Cup being just around the corner.

That is all we know about EA Sports FC24 Ultimate Team as of now. I am sure there are more features that we would eventually get to know after the official Ultimate Team trailer video is dropped.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on EA Sports FC 24.

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