Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Kudos and Crowns / Microtransactions

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is finally out and the game looks really colorful and cute. Battle your way through bizarre but difficult traps and obstacle courses in a Battle Royal which could include up to 60 members. The game certainly looks like a mood changer and we are looking forward to it.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Kudos and Crowns / Microtransactions 

Well, there is one question that runs through all of our minds. Whether Microtransactions be there in the game and will they affect gameplay? Well, to answer that, Microtransactions will be there but they will not affect the gameplay experience in any way. It is more like you buy different skins with in-game currencies which are Kudos and Crowns.

What are Kudos?

One of the two in-game currencies which you can earn in-game or you can buy with real money. Kudos can be used to buy different skins for your Fall Guy.

Note- If you buy the Collectors Edition you get 10,000 Kudos and 3 unique skins at the start which you cannot get anywhere else.


What are Crowns?

Another in-game currency of a higher value. Being the more difficult of the two currencies to earn in-game, crowns can buy you the most unique and special costumes. You cannot buy crowns with real money. It’s something you need to work hard to earn. So be careful about using crowns. I would say save them for the best costumes which you might get in the future.

Alongside this, the developers would also release costume packs in DLCs. For example, the Collectors Edition gives you unique skins which you will not be able to get anywhere else. Added levels and features will also be available to the users for free.

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