Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Local Co-op / Cross Play /Online with Friends Support

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is finally out and the game looks a lot happier and colorful than its competitors. Battle your way through bizarre but difficult traps and obstacle courses in a Battle Royal which could include upto 60 members . The game certainly looks like a mood changer and we are looking forward to it.

However when we talk of multiplayers a lot of question run through our minds. Ofcourse we always want the most out of our money. And gaming is not as fun when you play alone compared to playing with friends. Speaking of playing with friends online , people tend to look for co-op modes in games. Obviously local co-op is a lot of fun, but does it necessarily mean that a game which does not have local co-op is not worth playing.  Definitely not.

Lets see what are the commonly asked questions when it comes to Fall Guys : Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Local Co-op / Cross Play /Online with Friends Support


Will the game have Local Co-op ?

Well actually the game will Not have Local Co-op at launch. Adding local co-op to the game will make thing more complicated as the number of characters on screen at the same time gets doubled with two players each. Therefore we cannot expect local co-op as of now. Maybe once the developers manage to overcome the technical boundaries for it we can definitely enjoy. No confirmation on when we get local co-op as of now.

Will the game have Cross Play ?

Well for now we do not get Cross Play at launch . But, the developers have said that the game is designed to support cross play and would be added in the future . However no date on Cross Play support is confirmed as of now. So we can be happy that in the future we will have more players to match make with.

Can we play with Friends ?

Ofcourse we can . That is the how these type of games are supposed to be . We can enter the game together as a party of 2 to 4 . And during team rounds if its possible  we can all be in the same team. Other than this the developers are also trying to introduce new ways in which we can enjoy the game with our friends .


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