FIFA 22 – 433(4) Best Ultimate Custom Tactics | FUT Meta Formation

Need the best custom tactics for the 433(4) or the 433 Attacking variation? You are at the right place.

FIFA 22 – 433(4) Best Ultimate Custom Tactics | FUT Meta Formation

The classic 4-3-3 is a formation used by a lot of users. Even though for the last few years it hasn’t been one of the meta formations but with the right set of tactics, it can work really well for you. The 4-3-3(4) is the most attacking variant of the 4-3-3. This variant gives you a CAM with two CMs which really helps you in maintaining the pressure on the opponents.

4-3-3(4) Tactics :

After trying a lot of strategies on this formation this one worked the best for me.

  • Defensive Style needs to be Balanced . this formation does not have a CDM. Trying to go all out with pressure tactics might result in an easy counter.
  • The width should be 41 and the Depth should be 54
  • Offensive Build-Up Play should be Long Ball. We want to send those long ones down the wings. Lobbed through balls are meta and that is how we are going to play.
  • Chance Creation should be Forward Runs. We want more of our players to push forward.
  • The width should be 90. You must be wondering why I have such high width on this already wide formation. The reason is I want to spread out the full-backs of our opponent so that they have very less interference in the center. 90% of the players will play a medium to low defense width. Playing wider would open up the ones using lower and medium defensive width. Either the fullbacks move up to mark the position of the wingers or they just let them drift into space which is what we want.
  • The player in the box should be 6 bars
  • Corners and Free Kicks should be 1 bar each to avoid getting countered

4-3-3(4) Best Instructions on your Players :

With the right instructions, you would realize that this formation works wonders. Here are the ones that I use. I normally love experimenting with tactics. Therefore I never use anything generic :

  • Back 4 on Stay Back While Attacking
  • One of you CMs on Stay Back While Attacking, Free Roam, and Cover Center while the more offensive CM will be on Get Forward, Free Roam, and Cover Center
  • CAM on all Balanced and Free Roam. Do not use Stay Forward as the CAM would only Stay upfront and not support the CMs as much
  • LW and RW should be on Free Roam only. The reason why we use Free Roam on all of them is simply that they will be hard to mark. Free Roam works well this year.
  • ST should be all on Balanced .

There you go, the best set of custom tactics for your 4-3-3(4) formation. This formation got me up to Division 3 in Rivals and Rank 2 in FUT Champs. Therefore give it a shot and I am pretty sure it would work well for you too. Do not try to rush with this formation though. If this guide was helpful let us know in the comment section below.

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