FIFA 23- How to do FUT Birthday Hincapie Objectives Quickly

FIFA 23- How to do FUT Birthday Hincapie Objectives Quickly- It is Friday and we have the second batch of the FUT Birthday cards.

This promo has been my favorite so far as you get excellent cards with either a 5-star skill move or a 5-star weak foot or sometimes both.

Today we have none other than the Center Back Piero Hincapie who plays for Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. The card looks pretty decent with a 5-star weak foot and decent pace for a CB. He is not the tallest but agile enough for a defender.

I normally prefer defenders to have a decent weak foot as it reduces the chances of a wrong pass.

We all know how bad the situation can get for us if our defender passes it to the opposition. This card is, therefore, a must-have if you are building a Bundesliga hybrid squad.

FIFA 23- How to do FUT Birthday Hincapie Objectives Quickly

There is no dedicated friendly mode for this card. Here is the set of objectives that you need to complete to unlock FUT Birthday Objective Player 2 Huncapie. 

Bundesliga Eight: You need to score at least 8 goals or more with Bundesliga players in Squad Battles on Semi-Pro difficulty or higher. You can also complete this in Division Rivals or FUT Champs. Make sure you have Bundesliga forwards in your team. This would increase the chances of you getting a goal with one. Play a two-striker formation if possible and both strikers should be from the Bundesliga.

Dangerous Defender: You need to get 4 assists with defenders in Squad Battles with Semi-Pro difficulty or higher. You can also do the objective in Division Rivals or FUT Champs. Defenders include LB, RB, LWB, RWB, and CB. You can sub in Fullbacks as Strikers or CAMS and get the objective done. Or you can also play them as wingers and try to create assists. I would prefer to have a Bundesliga fullback and Striker as two strikers in my formation. You can get assists with the fullback and score with the striker.

Speedrun: You need to score as well as assist in the same game with a player having 80 pace or more in 4 separate Squad Battles matches, Rivals, or FUT Champs. S.B difficulty should be Semi-Pro or higher. Just make sure both the strikers and wingers have more than 80 pace.

Lucky Seven: You have to win 7 matches in Squad Battles (min. Semi-Pro difficulty or higher), Rivals, or FUT Champs while having 4 or more Bundesliga players in the starting 11.

That is how you can easily complete the objectives for FUT Birthday Objective Player 2 Piero Hincapie.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 23 and more.

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