GTA 6 Trailer 2 Date

Grand Theft Auto VI is perhaps the most awaited game at the moment. Even though the release date for this game is said to be in 2025, gamers could not be more excited.

Something about Rockstar and its games makes people anxiously wait for years without complaining. Maybe because they know every penny they spend on it will be worth it.

The GTA 6 reveal trailer was a mega-hit and like every other time, people are waiting for the second one. If you are wondering when would that happen, you have come to the right place.

When do we get the 2nd GTA 6 Trailer?

GTA trailers always reveal tons of information about the game. They often hide messages and secret information within the trailer leaving it to the fans to decode. The same goes for the posters and in-game snaps they upload. If Rockstar is uploading a poster, they are most probably trying to tell you something.

Very recently Rockstar uploaded a GTA 6 poster where you could see Jason and Lucia posing in front of a car.

At first glance, you would not see anything special about the photo. However, someone from the gaming community went all Sherlock Homes on the post and discovered something shocking.

The car had bullet holes in the door which is pretty common in GTA games. However, if you take a closer look, the pattern made by the bullet holes is actually revealing something.

I have no clue who figured this out but whoever did must be eating human brains for breakfast. The holes appear to be some sort of a Morse code that Rockstar purposely left for us to decode. Understanding Morse Code is not everyone’s cup of tea and that is why we have the internet.

After decoding the pattern it seems like Rockstar has left us a date. Assuming the date is for the second trailer, it looks pretty convincing considering the game comes out sometime during 2025.

From what we know so far the GTA 6 Trailer 2 date is most likely going to be the 1st of September 2024. I would be eagerly waiting for this day hoping we might get to see some in-game footage.

Well, that is all we know on “GTA 6 Trailer 2 Date”.

We will surely update the article as soon as we get any confirmation about the official date for the 2nd trailer.

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