Hogwarts Legacy List of All Potions and How to Make them | Potion Recipe

Do you need a list of all Potions that you can brew in Hogwarts Legacy?

Well, you have come to the right place as we have just the right guide for you.

Hogwarts Legacy List of All Potions and How to Make Them | Potion Recipe

Hogwarts Legacy lets you experience life as a Hogwarts student. It is a vast open-world game set in the late 1800s where you play as a student who has joined Hogwarts in his fifth year.

The story is nowhere linked with Harry Potter as the main story is a completely different one.

The world is beautiful and you are not restricted to the castle like in previous games. Hogwarts Legacy lets you explore the castle as well as the surrounding areas. There are a lot of secrets to discover while you explore which makes exploration key to the game.

Not only that, you can breed magical creatures, duel against wizards, play story and side missions, attend classes, and a lot of other exciting stuff which we are still yet to know.

List of Potions in Hogwarts Legacy and how to brew them:

Potions would be one of the subjects you learn at Hogwarts. Although it is not the most interesting of all subjects, however, it seems like an important one.

Potions have a large number of uses in the wizarding world. In Hogwarts Legacy, potions could save your life and help you complete missions. Therefore it is necessary for everyone to know how to brew all the potions in the game because each one of them will have some unique utility.

The game is still in its Early Access stage which is why do not about the details of the ingredients you need to brew every potion. What we do know is that you would need to have the recipes for Potions. Maybe attending Potions class, and doing side quests and story missions might help you get them.

I also believe Pre-ordering Hogwarts Legacy gives you the recipe to Felix Felicis which is also known as the “liquid luck” potion. It allows you to see treasure chests on the map for a whole in-game day.

The Potions List:

All your potions could be prepared in the Room of Requirements where you can build a Potion Station. 

Potions and Their Uses Recipe
Edurus– Makes your skin Rock hard to resist coming damage
Wiggenweld– Healing Potion 1 Bottle= 1 Dittany Leaves + 1 Horklump Juice
Felix Felicis–  Treasure chests available on the map for a day
Maxima– Increases the Potency of our spells or attacks.
Focus– To decrease the cooldown time for spells. 1 Bottle= 1 Lacewing Flies + 1 Fluxweed Stem + 1 Dugbog Tongue
Polyjuice– To take the appearance of another person.
Invisibility- To make ourselves invisible to the NPCs

We do not know the recipes as of now. However, we assure you that the guide will be updated as and when we get to know the recipes. Also, there would definitely be more potions in the game. We will add the other potions as we play through the game after it launches.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Hogwarts Legacy.

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