Hood Outlaws and Legends – Server Status / Are the Servers Down or Offline?

Having trouble connecting? Wondering if your internet is at fault or the servers in general? I will tell you how you can easily find it out.

Hood Outlaws and Legends – Server Status / Are the Servers Down or Offline?

Servers are the most important thing for a multiplayer game. Games like Hood Outlaws and Legends are basically bought by users just for multiplayer content. Therefore we can realize the importance of having well-maintained servers. Connection lags and input delays, poor hit registries, packet loss, etc, often leave us wondering if it is our fault or if is it the servers themselves.

So how do we get to know who is at fault? Why would it not get connected? Do I need to reinstall the game? I feel all these questions start attacking me the moment I face difficulties connecting to a game server. As a result, we end up in a bad mood and often take the blame on ourselves even when it’s not our fault at all.

A reliable source to know what is going on with the servers is what we are actually looking for. And this is why we are here. To know exactly what is going on with the game and its server you can simply go ahead and follow their official Twitter page ——-> Hood: Outlaws and Legends

You could also turn on the notifications for Hood Outlaws and Legends on your Twitter app.

  • Go to the Twitter Page
  • Click on the Bell Icon
  • Set Account Notification to “All Tweets” and that is it.

If you visit their Twitter page and find no server reports then you can try and do a speed test 

You can also try pinging google.com to check for latency or Request Timed Out errors.

  • Type Run in the windows search bar and press enter
  • Then type ping google.com -t and enter again
  • If the ping is above 50ms then there is a slight latency.
  • Also if you see Request Timed Out even once then you have an internet problem
  • Call your provider if that is the case

Hope this guide was useful. Do let us know and please share your thoughts as well. Enjoy the game

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