How to Always get Green Shots in NBA 2K23

Struggling with shot timing in NBA 2K23? Not sure when to release your shot to get the best timing? Well, this guide will help you Shoot Greens all day long.

How to Always get Green Shots in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 is finally out on all platforms. The game looks great on the next-gen and the current-gen looks decent too. One thing I noticed about this year’s title is that the gameplay is quite smoother compared to last year.

We even get to re-live history as we play as Jordan in his most iconic career moments. I mean how cool is that? Overall I felt like I would be very disappointed this year but I guess I am not. However, the PC users might be because they would still be playing the current gen version of the game.

How to Green Time Shots in NBA 2K23 :

Shot Timings had been there last year as well. However, 2K made some changes to it this year. The game now gives you the chance to change the timing window according to your preference.

What I am trying to say is that not everyone would have the same jump shot. The different animations made the timing different for every jump shot. However, this year you can change the timing to an extent where you could literally hit greens all day.

Firstly let us understand this. Basketball is a game where you need to have that sort of rhythm. I know I sound funny here but there is a lot more rhythm and timing involved in the game than you could think.

Even when you play it on a video game it still requires that rhythm or what you can say “feeling your shots”.

2K had done a great thing this year giving you timing options for your shot meter.

You can select between :

  • Very Late
  • Late
  • Early
  • Very Early

These are basically the timing for your shot release. If you select Very Late then you would have to wait a while before you release the ball to actually get a green shot. It comes down to preference but if you are new and want to get the best timing window for your shot meter then try Very Early  

You can have your shot meter On or Off it depends on you. So if you ask me I keep my Shot Meter Off. That helps me get green-timed shots more often.

Here is a quick tip :
  • Keep your shot meter Off.
  • Set Shot Timing Release Time to Very Early.
  • In-game when you press the shot button just hold it down for like a sec when the animation begins. Yes, you have to wait for the animation to begin and then release in just 1 second.
  • Also, watch the player who shoots. Release exactly when he is holding the ball near his head.

Check out Westbrook scoring a 3 Pointer with a Perfectly timed shot.

You just need to release the shot when he is putting the ball to his head which takes about 1 sec. The rest of the animation will follow through. So if you are counting 1 when you are pressing the shot button you release after a second on the count of 2.

That is the flow you need to get Green Shots every time. Like I said before you need to get that rhythm going for you.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. And for more NBA 2K23 guides follow FPS Index.

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