How to Build/ Craft All FOUNDATIONS in PALWORLD

Foundations are crafted in Palworld and they help you secure your base from raids. And since they take damage in the process, it is recommended to keep upgrading these foundations to strengthen your base.

As you progress through the game you will be able to build these foundations with elements like wood, iron, stone, and metal. This article will help you gain insight into foundations in Palworld and how you can build them.

How to Build/ Craft All FOUNDATIONS in PALWORLD

All Foundations in Palworld:

Here is a list of Foundations you can build in Palworld:

  1. Wooden Structure Set
  2. Wooden Gate
  3. Wooden Defensive Wall
  4. Stone Structure Set
  5. Stone Gate
  6. Metal Structure Set
  7. Defensive Wall
  8. Metal Defensive Wall
  9. Iron Gate

How to Craft All Foundations in Palworld:

Wooden Structure Set 2x Wood 2 2
Wooden Gate 10x Wood 11 2
Wooden Defense Wall 10x Wood 16 2
Stone Structure Set 3x Stone 18 3
Defensive Wall 10x Stone

1x Cement

29 2
Metal Structure 2x Stone

1x Ingot

30 4
Stone Gate 10x Stone

1x Cement

31 2
Iron Gate  10x Ingot

1x Cement

42 2
Metal Defensive Wall 10x Ingot

1x Cement

43 1

Each set you build in Palworld lets you craft different structures. Here is a list of craftable structures under each set:

Wooden Foundation Stone Foundation Metal Foundation
Wooden Wall Stone Wall Metal Wall
Wooden Wall & Window Stone Wall & Window Metal Wall & Window
Wooden Triangular Wall Stone Triangular Wall Metal Triangular Wall
Wooden Roof Stone Roof Metal Roof
Wooden Slanted Roof Stone Slanted Roof Metal Slanted Roof
Wooden Stairs Stone Stairs Metal Stairs
Wooden Door Stone Door Metal Door

That is all on “How to Build/ Craft All FOUNDATIONS in PALWORLD

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