How to Defeat Ramon Salazar in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE) Boss Fight

Defeat Ramon Salazar in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE) Boss Fight- Resident Evil 4 was initially launched in 2005 and it was a masterpiece back then. I remember completing this game several times and it used to be one of my favorites.

Playing the game again with a lot of improvements and modern-day graphics makes it even more thrilling. It is finally out on all major platforms and has received positive reviews so far.

Resident Evil 4 Remake 2023 by no means is an easy game. There would always be a struggle for ammo and that is what survival horror games are all about. Boss fights could get pretty tough especially because of the lack of resources that you have.

Ramon Salazar could be short and sophisticated but do not underestimate this guy. He is the 8th castellan of the Salazar family castle near a small rural village in rural Spain. He might look harmless at first but his true form is far from it.

The battle against Salazar in the original RE 4 was very different from this one. Salazar was 10 times larger and was attached to a wall with huge tentacles trying to attack you. However, the boss fight is completely different in the remade version of 2023.

Salazar was injected with a Control Plaga that allowed him to control other Plagas-infected creatures. He was later on consumed by the power of the Las Plagas and that is why his parasite form is ridiculously monstrous.

How to Defeat Ramon Salazar in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE) Boss Fight

The boss fight begins when you see Major Krauser take Ashley away. Leon would shoot Salazar and falls down. But he comes back up in a completely different form.

The Las Plagas or parasitic form of Salazar is very different from the other Las Plagas zombies. The one we are facing now is huge, with limbs that attach to walls and you can see Salazar’s head popping out from the mouth of the creature.

There are two floors in the area and you would have to constantly move around to avoid Salazar’s attacks. Ammo is precious, so be sure to save as much ammo as possible before the boss fight. Also, you would need a lot of herbs to keep you alive during the fight.

Salazar would keep moving around and you can only damage him when you shoot his head as it pops out of the mouth. He will be trying to attack you by either dashing at you or by spraying a black acid-like thing from the mouth.

This black acid eventually leaves out piles that explode when you go near them.  You need to shoot these piles before they explode and it may give you ammo or herbs. There will also be crates around in the area that you can break for more resources.

At times Salazar would get stuck on the lower floor. This is your chance to inflict as much damage on him as possible. Go close to him, take out your shotgun or any strong rifle, and keep shooting until he starts to move again.

As you keep damaging him there will be a time when he will get staggered. This is when you need to move closer to him and stab him with your knife on the prompt. Repeat the same phase 3 times to finally defeat Salazar in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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