How to Defeat TITAN ASHRAH Boss in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasions

NRS has just dropped the first Titan Boss of Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1) Invasions Season 3. This time it is going to be Ashrah aka “Fallen Angel”. Trust me when I tell you, this is the toughest boss fight I have ever encountered. Maybe because I do not play Invasions much as I am not a fan of the mode. For the average users who do not really play Invasions much Titan Ashrah could prove to be difficult.

So if you are struggling with the Boss Fight I am here to help.

How to Defeat TITAN ASHRAH Boss in Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1) Invasions

The Boss fight against Titan Ashrah consists of multiple rounds as if she is just not willing to give up. Beating her is no walk in the park, especially the survival modes that she puts you through.

I would recommend building on your Health and Attack ratings to fight Titan Ashrah.

Round 1:

The first round is always the easiest. All she does is armor through some of your attacks. Be careful when she turns blue because this is when she starts through unblockable projectiles at you. You can easily jump to the other side and uppercut her multiple times while she is stuck in the animation.

Round 2:

This is where the tough part begins. Ashrah would fly towards you with her sword multiple times. Your only option is to jump over her every time she hurls herself at you. The tricky thing about this survival test is that you can’t afford to miss it. If she hits you once, it will ruin your timing for good and you will be hit every time after that. So the first jump is crucial.

There has to be a rhythm to it. Follow this pattern – Jump, pause, Jump. You jump and you pause for a second then you jump again. Keep repeating this pattern throughout the survival test. The rest of the round should be simple fighting until her health goes to 0.

Round 3:

Round 3 starts with another Survival Test. This one is not so tough as you would have to duck and jump over several obstacles. There will be a time when you have to stand in the center of the screen as you will be sandwiched by obstacles from both sides.

You need to jump straight up at the right time to avoid all of these. The other hurdles are pretty easy to dodge. However, the moment you are done with this Ashrah appears and you two start fighting again. After a while, she would start doing her flying thing again making it extremely difficult as you might already be low on health.

Round 4:

Don’t think Ashrah is giving up that easily. After you defeat her in round 3, she comes back stronger, transforming herself into a real Titan. She is now much bigger than before and almost armors through every attack of yours.

The only logical way to beat her during this phase is to jump over and get behind her.  Uppercuts should be your best option for this round. Get as many uppercuts as possible while you are behind her. If you use long strings she would only turn around and armor through your move.

Jump 3 should also be very useful for this round. Imagine you have worked so hard till this point and the Fallen Angel has only 1 hp left but the fight isn’t over yet. Yes, she just refuses to die so you are put through another Survival Test similar to Round 3.

Avoid these obstacles to face Ashrah for one last time. Remember to perform a Fatality on her for all the trouble she has caused you.

That is all you need to know about “How to Defeat TITAN ASHRAH Boss in Mortal Kombat 1 ( MK1 ) Invasions

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