How to Do LAW DSS Dragon Kick Blue Spark in TEKKEN 8

How to Do LAW DSS Dragon Kick Blue Spark in TEKKEN 8: Many fighting games in the world pay tribute to the iconic Bruce Lee and Tekken is one of them. Marshall Law might be a comic relief in Tekken but when he is no pushover in the dojo.

As one of the strongest characters in the game, LAW has one of the best pressure tools in the game, his Dragon Sign Stance. The DSS moves to help him keep the pressure going with the majority of its moves leaving him with an advantage on block.

He also has one of the best-looking combo enders in the game and that is the DSS Dargon Kick. In this guide, we will be learning how you can easily do the Blue Spark version of his Dragon Kick.

How to Do LAW DSS Dragon Kick Blue Spark in TEKKEN 8

DSS used to be extremely tough back in Tekken 7. However, in Tekken 8 they simplified it and now you can easily execute DSS. There are a lot of moves that transition into the DSS and the Dragon Kick combo ender normally comes from a 43 string.

To do a regular DSS Dragon Kick:

You need to press D1+2, and while you are in the stance press F4. 

To do DSS Dragon Kick from a String:

You need to hold down forward as you complete the string and while holding forward press 4 as Law enters Stance animation. 

To do the DSS Dragon Kick with Blue Spark:

You need to press and hold forward as you complete the string and press 4 within 3 frames of the animation. so basically you need to do it very fast. 

As a combo ender, you need to do 43 hold f, and while holding f press 4 within 3 frames. 

The Blue Spark Dragon Kick comes out earlier so it could be easily used as combo enders. It also does slightly more damage.

Here is a simple trick that will help you do it consistently:

Check out Law’s left foot after the 43 string. As it comes down and is about to touch the ground press 4 to do a DSS Dragon Kick with Blue Spark.

You won’t be able to do it instantly. It will take some time to get the timing right so keep practicing.

That will be all on “How to Do LAW’s DSS Dragon Kick Blue Spark in TEKKEN 8”

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