How to Easily Get Shikai & Bankai in Project Mugetsu

Project Mugetsu is a Roblox game for all the Bleach fans out there. Getting familiar with a Roblox game could take a while because of the visual style but the game is extremely detailed and you have a lot of grinding to do that keeps you engaged for hours.

The game lets you progress either as a Hollow or a Soul Reaper. If you have watched the series you would know that Shikai and Bankai are basically Zanpacto releases for the Soul Reaper.

In this guide, I will show you how you can easily unlock both Shikai and Bankai in Project Mugetsu.

How to Easily Get Shikai & Bankai in Project Mugetsu

Shikai is the primary release of your Zanpacto while Bankai is the secondary release and is much stronger.  Before you learn them you need to be a Soul Reaper.

  • Make sure you select the Kurosaki Clan as they have an XP gain buff that speeds up your progress by a lot. You will have to keep spinning until you get the clan. It may take a while but its worth it.

  • Once you start the game you need to speak to Kisuke Urahara to become a Soul Reaper. He would simply ask you to kill a Hollow and then he would turn you into a Soul Reaper.
  • Now head to Soul Society. To do this you need to go to your Skills option. Then to the Soul Reaper tab and select Senkaimon. This skill lets you teleport to the Soul Society at any given time.
  • You would need to Meditate at the Soul Society to obtain your Zanpacto’s name, Shikai and Bankai.
  • It is just a mini-game where you press buttons on the keyboard.
  • To know your Zanpacto’s name you need to be at Meditation Level 5.
  • To unlock Shikai you need to be at Meditation Level 25 and Bankai at 75.
  • Sadly, if you do not have a Game Pass you won’t be able to see your Meditation Level. However, it took me around one and a half hours to get to Shikai. Once you unlock Shikai you will get the option called “Fight Zanpacto“. Click on that and you will have to defeat your Zanpacto in a boss fight.
  • The fight for Bankai is a bit difficult as you need to select the correct sword and fight your Zanpacto until you defeat him. The swords at the spawn have the best chance of being the right one. 

  • It might take you over a hundred meditation tries to actually get to level 75.
  • To release your Shikai you need to type your Zanpacto’s name and to release Bankai just type “Bankai.

Quick Tip:

Doing the Meditation Levels on Project Mugetsu on your phone is easier compared to the keyboard. All you have to do is tap the screen and you can progress way faster than your PC.

That is all you need to know about unlocking Shikai and Bankai in Project Mugetsu. There is no other way or exploit to get your Bankai in the game faster.

I hope the guide was helpful.  Please let us know in the comments below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Project Mugetsu.

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