How to Find and Catch ANUBIS in PALWORLD

How to Find and Catch ANUBIS in PALWORLD: Palworld is a game that throws you into a world with mysterious creatures called Pals whom you can catch and tame. They may either work for you or simply fight alongside and aid you as you gather resources.

While some Pals could be very easy to catch, some might be extremely difficult. One of the most difficult Pals to catch would be the Anubis and if you are struggling to get one, we are here to help you out.

How to Find and Catch ANUBIS in PALWORLD

Many say that Palworld is a Pokemon game we never received because of how the creatures in the game resemble the anime. Remember Lucario from Pokemon? Anubis looks exactly like him. However, the concept and the way the creatures are utilized in the game is quite different from the anime.

Where can you find Anubis on the Map in Palworld?

Anubis can only be found in one region of the map and that is the Twilight Dunes. It is the Desert area and I have marked the location for you.

Make sure you have the right clothing for its climate. The extreme temperatures will be difficult to cope with and you will have to change clothing during the day and night. Like typical deserts, it is extremely hot during the day and cold during the night.

The area lacks a Fast Travel point. The nearest points of access are the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant and Investigator’s Fork. Once you get to these locations your only option is to travel to the desert region.

How to Beat and Catch Anubis?

Anubis are Alpha pals and are difficult to beat at level 47.  They are extremely strong and will not be going down without a fight. To beat this Pal you would need good weapons and a higher-quality Pal Sphere. Regular Spheres have a very low percentage chance of catching this Pal. You may want to craft a Legendary Sphere or an Ultra Sphere.

Also, make sure you have enough ammo for the fight as it could take a while. Your Pals would be the ones doing most of the damage. Since Anubis is a Ground Elemental Pal, bring some Grass Elemtals with you as they are strong against Ground types.

Focus on staying alive, avoid the strong attacks from Anubis, and shoot from a distance. Do not waste your Pal Spheres. Throw them only when Anubis is not at 100% health and your chance of catching is above 60%. Also, make sure you do not deplete its health completely or you will end up defeating it and not catching it. The Lower the health the better the chance of catching the Pal.

Make your decisions wisely and catch one of the rarest and strongest Pals out there, the Anubis.

There you go, that is all on “How to Find and Catch ANUBIS in PALWORLD

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