How to Get Flame Breathing in Wisteria 2

How to Get Flame Breathing in Wisteria 2- Wisteria 2 is a Roblox game inspired by the super popular anime Demon Slayers. If you’re a fan of the anime then this game might seem interesting to you.

Roblox games have a pretty unique design. So if you are new to Roblox games then it might take a while to get used to the visuals. Wisteria 2 is pretty fun to play as there is so much to do and learn. You can keep grinding for hours, farming XP, leveling up, or learning new fighting techniques.

In this guide, we will be talking about how you can easily learn the Flame Breathing technique in Wisteria 2. This is an advanced fighting technique that lets you manipulate firepower and incorporate them into your attacks. You will have access to a new set of moves once you learn this technique.

How to Get Flame Breathing in Wisteria 2

To learn this technique you need to first find the Flame Trainer. As you progress through the main story quests you will come across a guy named Yoshi who literally has the answer to everything in the game.

There will be a set of questions to choose from. Select the one that says “Do you know where the Flame Trainer is?

He will tell you the location and it will get marked on your map. You need to follow the marker and find Osiris, who is the Flame Trainer. Once you get to the location you would find him enjoying a bowl of Ramen. Go up to him and speak to him about your training.

It is pretty obvious that he would be asking you to complete a few quests for him. Complete all the quests and you will learn Flame Breathing.

Quest 1- Collect Osi’s Package:

Osiris would ask you to collect a package for him and for this, you need to talk to Kiriko. Once you get to Kiriko’s location and talk to him about the package, he would give you another quest as he does not think you are strong enough to get the package to Osiris safely.

He would ask you to go to the Bandit camp east of the current location and bring him 3 broken Bandit weapons. Head to the camp, defeat the Bandits and bring back the broken weapons to Kiriko. He will give you the package and you need to take that to Osiris.

Osiris would agree to train you and give you more quests to complete.

Quest 2- Learn to Breathe:

You need to go to Matsui and he will train you or rather give you a few tasks.

The first task is rather funny as a couple of guys start beating you up as you play the mini-game. You need to keep the bar in the middle. Crossing the center would result in failure.

The next one is Strength training as he would ask you to pull logs to a specific point.

When you complete this, he would train your Battle Spirit. For this, you just need to fight a dude and defeat him.

Complete this and you would go through Agility training after that. This is pretty easy as you just need to go to a location on the map and come back.

After you have completed all of Matsui’s training you will have access to Skill Points which you can spend on Flame Breathing moves.

That is all you need to know about how you can get Flame Breathing in Wisteria 2. 

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let me know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Wisteria 2 and other games.

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