How to get Openda in Ligue 1 TOTS FUT Champions Finals FIFA 23

So it is Friday, and finally, we have the most awaited TOTS team, the Ligue 1. We usually used to get Ligue 1 at the end. However, this year EA decided to keep Serie A for the last.

The Ligue 1 TOTS team looks incredible. The French players give you easy links, and on top of that, we have cards like Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar, who are currently going about 10m in the market.

EA is also willing to give us more free cards this time. Along with the regular TOTS card, we also have FUT Champions objectives. This guide would help you complete all the objectives easily for the Ligue 1 TOTS: FUT Champions Finals easily.

How to get Openda in Ligue 1 TOTS FUT Champions Finals FIFA 23

These objectives can only be completed in the Weekend League, so in case you have not qualified for FUT Champs, you would miss out on the rewards.

The objectives appear really simple but there is something tricky that most of us would have difficulty understanding.

You need to use a full squad of Ligue 1 team for the objectives. When we talk about a full squad, we normally think about only the starting 11. But, sadly, that is not correct. We are talking about an entire squad that includes your substitutes. 

Therefore, you need to have 11 Ligue 1 players in the starting lineup and 7 on the bench. That makes a total of 18 Ligue 1 players in the whole squad. FUT Champs has only 20 matches, so there is no room for experimenting here. Use all 18 players from Ligue 1 just to stay on the safer side.

Also, the objectives are to be completed in the FUT Champs Finals and not the Qualifiers.  

Play 5: You need to play 5 games in FUT Champs.

Play 10: You need to play 10 games in FUT Champs.

Win 5: You have to win 5 games in FUT Champs

Win 8: You have to win 8 games in FUT Champs

Win 11: You have to win 11 games in FUT Champs

Win 13: You have to win 13 games in FUT Champs

Winning 13 games in FUT Champs is no joke, especially with almost every team having R9s and all the top-tier meta cards.

How to get 13 Wins in FUT Champions:

To be brutally honest, you need to be a really good player to secure 13 wins in FUT Champs at the moment. If you are just average, then there are certain things you can do which could help you get more wins:

  • Play on Sunday evening or on Monday. Weekend League starts late nowadays and it is best to start playing your games from Sunday eve or from Monday morning. By Monday, players who are really addicted to FIFA, like the pros, will have completed their matches. You may also, end up getting a few free wins as well, if you are lucky.
  • Use the Custom Tactics we have for you. You can check out FPS Index for Custom Tactics of all the meta Formations.
  • Sell all your tradeable players and buy some really good Ligue 1 players.
  • Make sure you have Mbappe as a Striker. There is no doubt that the dude is still one of the most overpowered cards in the game. Even his gold is better than most cards I have used.
  • Try to be patient and calm. Do not panic while losing. Switch custom tactics according to the situation.
  • Whenever you lose, close the game. Take a break, go back after an hour, and try again. I have seen that once your team starts losing games, there is a high chance you would go on a Losing Streak, especially in the Weekend League.

Aim for as many wins as possible and I am sure you would do great in FUT Champs this week.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 23.

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