How to Get Water Breathing in Wisteria 2

How to Get Water Breathing in Wisteria 2- Wisteria 2 is a Roblox game inspired by the popular anime Demon Slayer. If you are a fan of this anime then you might love this one.

Roblox games are known for their unique designs. It might take a while to get used to it if you are new though. However, once you get the hang of it, you would find yourself grinding the game for hours.

Wisteria 2 does an excellent job to keep you busy for hours. Games like these require a lot of grinding for XP and money. As you level up in the game you would have a chance of learning better fighting techniques to defeat your enemies. One of these would be the Water Breathing technique and this guide will tell you how you can learn it in Wisteria 2.

How to Get Water Breathing in Wisteria 2

You won’t get to learn these techniques or fighting styles when you start the game. You would initially have to play through a few main quests until you meet a guy named Yoshi. He is basically the guy to tells you where everyone is on the map.

When you interact with him select the option: “Do you know where the Water Trainer is?

You will now have the location marked on your map. Head to that location and speak to Seiya, the Water Trainer. However, before you start off with the training she will ask you to find her missing partner Yuuka.

The location would be marked on the map, so head right over to it.

You would find Yuuka sitting down in a corner injured. Talk to her. She tells you that she cannot feel her limbs and you have to help her out.

Meet up with Taishiki to get the supplies and return back to Yuuka.

She tells you that a boar attacked her as she was investigating some missing coal miners. Complete the conversation and report to Seiya. She would ask you to go and see Matsui.

He will give you a few tasks. The first one is funny as a guy beats you up while you have to play a mini-game to keep the bar in the middle by constantly clicking on “Spam Me“.

Next will be strength training as you would be asked to carry a heavy load to a specific point on the map.

After that, you will be training your Battle Spirit. Fight the random dude that shows up and defeat him.

Agility training would be next. You just need to run to a point and come back.  Speak with Seiya as she would give you a long boring speech on breathing and that is it. You now know Water Breathing Technique. Use Skill points to learn the Water Breathing moves to dominate your opponents.

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