How to Persuade the Bank Robbers in Job Gone Wrong- Starfield

Starfield offers so much that it could easily become overwhelming to users. From space exploration, mining for materials, gaining XP through combat, and typical RPG decision making missions, Starfield undoubtedly gives you the complete package.

In this guide, we will be talking about how you can persuade the Bank Robbers in the mission “Job Gone Wrong“.

How to Persuade the Bank Robbers in Job Gone Wrong- Starfield

As you enter Akila city, you will be starting off with your first Freestar Collective mission. You will be asked to deal with a bunch of Bank Robbers at the local GalBank and have taken hostages.

The mission is pretty simple. You either convince the robbers to surrender or you simply take them down. Although the second option is easier, there are people who might want to follow the tougher route.

Persuasion in Starfield does not always work. At times you might have to rely on luck. The game definitely makes it easier by coloring the replies in a specific way that shows whether it is peaceful or aggressive.

Also, remember that Persuasion is a Skill, and investing in it would only increase your chances of persuading someone. It does not however guarantee persuasion.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Save the game before speaking to the Shaw Gang Bandits
  • Use Aid items Chandra Pinot Noir (+12% Persuasion chance for five minutes) or Hippolyta (+20% Persuasion chance for five minutes) to increase your chances of persuading the Robbers.
  • Try to select more Green +1 dialogue or Orange +3 dialogues. The Red +5 dialogues are aggressive and normally lead to failure. But that does not mean you would never use a Red dialogue for persuasion. Always read the dialogues well and understand the situation before selecting it.
  • If luck favors you can achieve a critical persuasion attempt which instantly stops the conversation and you get a persuasion victory.

Dialogues you need to choose?

Once you start speaking with the Negotiator you may want to choose this dialogue path. It might not guarantee success all the time but it did for me:

  • Option 1– This only works if you are willing to cooperate.
  • Option 1– [Persaude] I give you my word, I just want to help.
  • Option 3(red)- I might be the only thing keeping the Marshal and his boys from bringing a very violent end to the situation. (Critical Success)
  • Option 1– Tell me your demands.
  • Option 1– It could take a while to get you a ship.
  • Option 1– It is not too late to end this peacefully.
  • Option 1(green)– Give up now and you’ll do some time, sure, but nowhere near as much as you would if a hostage dies.
  • Option 3(orange)– The Marshal’s going to keep those hostages safe whatever it takes. Let them go before he has to take drastic action against you.
  • Option 3(orange)– The hostages are just innocent bystanders. There’s no need to involve them in this.

This path resulted in a Persuasion Success for me. But it depends on your Persuasion Skill Rank and Aid items.

As I said before, you are not always guaranteed a persuasion. But with the right dialogue choices you can definitely increase your chances.

Threatening the robbers every time does not work even though you get more points for selecting a Red option.

Should You Kill the Bank Robbers or Persuade Them?

Both options give you the same XP and Credits. Taking the robbers down will be an easier choice. However, persuading them is more of a challenge than a lot of users are willing to take.

If you are trying to be recognized as a peace-loving person, you may want to persuade them. However, taking them down gives you better rewards in general. If you ask me, I would personally defeat the Robbers for extra XP and loot. The Leader drops the Orion Laser Rifle which is not a bad weapon by any means.

There you go, that is all you need to know about “How to Persuade the Bank Robbers in Job Gone Wrong” in Starfield

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