Tekken is perhaps the most difficult fighting game ever made and it takes years for people to master it. Amidst all the technicality, Tekken Ball Mode served as a breath of fresh air.

If you are serious about Tekken you know how stressful the game can be at times. Tekken Ball is the game mode where players go when they want to relax and have fun without having to put their emotions, ego, and skills on the line.

The mode was first introduced in Tekken 3 and it never made its way back to the franchise until Tekken 8. In this guide, we will be talking about learning the basics of the Tekken Ball mode.

How to Play BALL MODE in TEKKEN 8

Tekken Ball Mode is an extremely fun mode where you beat up an opponent without actually beating them up.

The Rules of Tekken Ball Mode:

If you are new to the mode let me quickly take you through the rules:

  • You have to hit the opponent by striking the ball. The opponent will lose health on a successful hit.
  • The opponent also loses health when the ball lands (touches the ground) on his court.
  • In the picture above, you would see an yellow line that divides the two courts.
  • Players cannot crossover to the other court. In other words, all your movement is restricted within the yellow line.
  • The matches will be a best of 3 so the first player to get 2 rounds will win the match.
  • Different types of balls do different damage. The  Beach ball (the one in the picture) does 60% while the Iron ball does 100% damage.
  • Hitting the opponent physically will not damage him in any way. But can certainly be used to knock them off.

How to Attack in Tekken Ball Mode:

Your goal is to hit the ball as hard as you can so that you get maximum damage when it strikes the opponent.

  • Every character has some hard-hitting moves that can be used to get a good strike on the ball.
  • Use the high-damage single-hit moves, power crushes, and launchers to strike the ball.
  • Even regular 4 (RK) could be a good move for striking the ball.
  • Wait for the ball to come to your chest level before striking it.
  • To attack aggressively move up the court so you can get the first hit.
  • The range of motion of the strike will determine the movement of the ball. So if the opponent is close to the yellow line, use a move that would lift the ball in the air. This way you can deal damage on your opponent when the ball bounces off the top of the screen and comes down with force.
  • The Power Bar at the bottom of the screen will indicate the intensity of the strike. More power equals more damage on a successful strike.
  • You can physically attack your opponent to throw them off their timing. But that won’t do any damage to them.

How to Defend in Tekken Ball Mode:

Here are a few tips on how to defend in Tekken Ball Mode:

  • When the opponent strikes the ball at you, the only way to defend is to strike back.
  • Time your striker correctly to stop the ball. If you mistime your hit, you will be struck by the ball and you will lose your health.
  • Your goal is to touch the ball with your attack moves to protect yourself.
  • Regular jabs, kicks, and throws are perfect moves for defending.

Well, there you go, I am they brought back the Tekken Ball Mode in Tekken 8. Now I can relax and enjoy fighting someone without getting my ego hurt. Brilliant move from Bandai to introduce something that players would enjoy. Online modes in fighting games should not have to be stressful and toxic all the time.

That will be all on “How to Play TEKKEN BALL Mode in TEKKEN 8“.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Tekken 8.


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