How to Play War Games in WWE 2K23

How to Play War Games in WWE 2K23- WWE 2K23 is out on all platforms. So far the game looks like a more polished version of WWE 2K22. Good thing they did not mess with the new combat system but there are new moves and also minor changes done to make the game even better.

When we talk about all the new things introduced to WWE 2K23, we need to consider WarGames. It is a brand-new game mode added this year that could be a little difficult to understand at first. So if you are having trouble figuring out how the rules for this mode work, this is just the right guide for you.

How to Play War Games in WWE 2K23

What is WarGames?

War Games is a brand new match mode introduced this year. If you know how the Elimination Chamber works, you would probably understand War Games quickly. However, unlike the Elimination Chamber, War Games is a team match where you can either play 3 or 4 superstars in a team.

To make the match less chaotic, there is another ring attached to the main ring, surrounded by a cage that is quite similar to the Steel Cage. So you have 2 rings in a cage with a tornado tag match going on inside it.

I remember the time when I saw the Survivor Series WarGames, I wanted to play it in a WWE game. Well, they added it this year and I am so excited to try it out.

Rules of WarGames:

Here are the rules of WarGames :

  • There will be two teams contained in cages and 1 member from each team starts the match
  • At regular intervals, a new member would enter the ring from either team. This would happen alternatively. So if the first entry is from Team 1 then Team 2 will have the second entry and so on.
  • The first member to enter will be from the team that has an advantage.
  • WarGames starts only when all the members are in the ring.
  • You can win by either a pin or submission and exiting the cage will result in a forfeit and you would lose.

The main question that comes to your mind here is- How will the game decide the advantage?

Well, even though the rules say that the first member to enter will be from the team that holds an advantage over the opponent, in WWE 2K23, things do not work that way.

Here you can clearly see that the Advantage could be changed according to your will. The option will be there at the bottom of the superstar select screen.

All you need to do is press R3 (PS), press RS( Xbox), or press F1 (PC, keyboard) to change the Advantage to either Random, Team 1, or Team 2. 

This way you can actually decide which player enters first.

Tips to get better at WarGames:

If you are struggling with WarGames, here are some tips that could be helpful.

  • After all 6 or 8 superstars are in the ring, WarGames will officially begin. This is when you can actually pin or make your opponent submit. So try to save your finishers and signature moves until the match starts.
  • Even though there are 2 rings, the AI seems to stick to one ring only. So be smart and move to the other ring yourself or take a superstar with you to avoid getting interrupted every time you do a move.
  • The best way to get a result would be to isolate yourself from another superstar on another ring. Land finishers on him when no one is around and go for the pin.
  • You can also control the person entering the match, so keep the best superstar for the last and control him when he is about to enter.
  • Make sure you bring in weapons as you enter to help you beat down your opponent.
  • Always keep changing your focus to avoid getting attacked from behind.

That is all you need to know about WarGames in WWE 2K23.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on WWE 2K23.

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