Romance in Dragon’s Dogma 2  is slightly different compared to the first installment. In this guide, we will be talking about how the Romance System works in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

This is How The Romance System in DRAGON’S DOGMA 2 works:

Having a Romantic relationship is possible in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and you will have two potential partners- Ulrika and Wilhelmina. Along with them, you can increase affinity with any named NPC but not every relationship will develop into a Romantic one. There are only a few that you can romance with.

The Romance system in Dragon’s Dogma 2, when you compare it to the previous game, is much more dynamic and exciting. You can easily increase your bond or affinity towards a character by giving them gifts or by aiding them through quests.

Romancing with Ulrika:

You will be able to come across Ulrika after Readvent of the Calamity Side Quest. After that do the Trouble on the Cape quest, followed by the Home is where the Hearth is  Quest. After the second quest, you will be able to give gifts to her. You can also get gifts in return from her as well.

Now you don’t need to flirt with her during every quest. Especially the first one, Readvent of the Calamity as it has a time limit. So even if you do not interact with her during this quest you could still strengthen her affection for you in the second and third quests.

Romancing with Wilhelmina:

After completing the Feast of Deception Main Quest you will be able to romance with Wilhelmina during the Every Rose Has Its Thorns Side Quest.

Romantic Scenes with these ladies will be unlocked by only completing the Romantic quests. You don’t have to give them gifts for that.

There you go, that should be all on “How to ROMANCE in DRAGON’S DOGMA 2”

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