Tekken is undoubtedly the toughest fighting game ever created. The skill ceiling on this game is so high that even the simplest of things like movement takes years to master. Even though Tekken 8 is fairly easy compared to the last installment, movement mechanics remain the same.

In this guide, we will be teaching you how to do Wavedashing in Tekken 8.


To learn how to wavedash in Tekken 8 you need to understand the concept of crouch dashing first.

The technical input for Crouch Dashing is Forward, Neutral (very small pause), Down, Down-Forward. However, this can be easily achieved by only pressing F, N, and DF. When you press D~F you get two inputs in command history D and DF. You need to end the input with DF.

In the case of a Wavedash, the input remains the same, but you only end with Forward instead of Down-Forward.

Wave dashing is basically several crouch dashes put together, to form a wave-like movement that makes you move faster towards your opponent.

Here are the keys you need to press for a wavedash,

Press F, N (brief pause), then press Down and immediately press F after that. Keep repeating the whole set over and over. The pattern should be like 1 pause 12 (F pause DF), 1 pause 12, and so on.

You cannot just learn wavdashing in a day. So hit the lab and keep practicing. The best way to practice is to understand the pattern and the rhythm first and do it very slowly. Let’s say you do 3 wavedashes but very slowly. Then pick up the pace, increase the tempo of the rhythm, and do those 3 wavedashes faster. Then switch to 5 wavedashes and so on.

Mastering wavedashing takes a lot of time.

That should be all on “How to WAVEDASH in TEKKEN 8

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