LAST EPOCH – Best CLASS For Beginners

LAST EPOCH – Best Class For Beginners: ARPG games could prove to be extremely confusing for beginners, especially if you are not experienced in this genre of gaming. Picking out a class could be challenging as you constantly overwhelm yourself with a thousand questions about which one is more fun to play and which ones are the best.

In this guide, we will be discussing the best class you can pick as a beginner in the Last Epoch.

LAST EPOCH – Best CLASS For Beginners / Starters

This guide won’t be super detailed with builds and their statistics. It would not make sense to put all that in a guide for beginners. So I am just going to give a small review of the classes and how they play out so that it is easier for you to choose one.


If you are fond of Melee combat this is easily the class you should pick. They are very simple to play, super tanky, and an extremely strong class. If you have played the Barbarian class in Diablo 4, this should probably be your pick.

The strongest Mastery for this class would be Paladin which is also considered to be the best in the game. Void Knight is good for overall damage but struggles at higher levels. Forge Guard is not good enough yet, although I could see it getting buffed in the future. Overall the Sentinel is super fun to play and one of the best picks for a beginner.


Gives you the ultimate balance between Melee and Long-Ranged attacks. If you are the kind who likes to keep your distance from the enemy, you should be going for this class. It also gives you a Falcon as a companion who helps you out in fights.

Falconer is the strongest Mastery for this class as of now and also the most fun to use. Bladedancer comes in next followed by Marksman.


Your typical magic user who loves to destroy hordes of enemies with a wide range of Elemental attacks. They have the coolest-looking attacks in the game with smooth and satisfying animations. However, they are certainly squishy and struggle a lot at higher levels. They are also very fun to play and easy to level up, so I would recommend this class to a beginner.

Runemaster is undoubtedly the best Mastery you can opt for. Even with several nerfs it is still one of the strongest masteries out there. However, it is extremely complicated and I would not recommend it to a beginner. A Sorcerer build is good for starters. Spellblade comes in next but is overall a decent mastery.


If you are here from Diablo and you have played Druid, the Primalist is the closest one you can get. Although it is a fusion between the Barbarian and the Druid, the primal certainly adds the most variety to its gameplay than any other class. From utilizing the forces of nature to converting yourself into a bear that mauls all the enemies in sight, Primalist could easily be one of the best picks for beginners.

The Druid is the strongest Mastery for this class followed by Beastmaster and Shaman.


They are similar to the Necromancer of Diablo. If you are fond of classes that use dark magic and summon minions to deal with enemies, this could very well be your choice. Although I am not a huge fan of this class they are the strongest class out there with every Mastery offering something extraordinarily good. Should be a decent pick for starters.

Lich is the strongest Mastery for this class and also arguably the strongest in the game alongside Paladin. However, it got nerfed significantly and might still be nerfed in the future. You also require some good uniques for a decent Lich build.  Warlock is also one of the top masteries in the game and is highly recommended for beginners. Necromancer is decent enough as well but the only downside to it is that you don’t do any of the work as your minions take care of the enemies. It could eventually become boring.

Which Class Should You Choose as a Beginner?

I have already given you a short review of the classes. However, choosing one would depend on your playstyle and what you feel comfortable with. Players often change their classes just because they are not comfortable using it. And that is a good thing to do.

Sentinel>Paladin, Acolyte>Warlock, Primalist>Druid, Mage>Sorcerer, and Rogue>Falconer are the best ones for each class. However, if you talk about picking on for a beginner, I would suggest going for Sentinel or Primalist. They are tanky and the extra defense would eventually be helpful for newcomers.

There you go, that will be all on “LAST EPOCH – Best Class For Beginners

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below and also follow FPS Index for more guides on  Last Epoch.


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