MLB The Show 21 – Server Status | Are the Servers Down?

Cannot connect online? Wondering if there is something wrong with your game or the servers themselves? We have just the right answers for you.

MLB The Show 21 – Server Status | Are the Servers Down?

Servers are perhaps the most important thing for games like these. We enjoy the online content a lot more than any other game modes within the game. We often wonder why are we lagging in an online mode or what is going on with the input delay. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your connection and the servers. If you live close enough to a server and still get lag then probably the servers are at fault.

So how do we know whose fault it is? Is my internet not doing a good job or are the servers down? Why can’t I connect with the servers? All these questions start hitting us the moment we face difficulties connecting to a game server.

We have raged over disconnections in the middle of the game so many times. Are we at fault always? Definitely not. Therefore there is a need or we can say an urge to know if the servers are actually working well on not.

To know the Server Status of MLB The Show 21 the best reliable source would be their official Twitter page —–> MLB The Show 21 Twitter

You could also turn on notifications for MLB The Show 21 on your Twitter app. This makes it much easier to keep track of the news, updates, and server status of the game.

  • Go to the Twitter Page
  • Click on the Bell Icon
  • Set Account Notification to “All Tweets” and that is it.

If in case you do not find any server reports on their Twitter page and you are somehow still facing the problem then click here to check your internet speed.

You can also try to ping and check the reply you get. This is how it is done :

  • On the windows search bar type Run and start the app.
  • Then type ” ping -t ” and press Enter
  • Check for any “Request timed out” (there shouldn’t be any) or if the response is over 70ms (a response within 50ms is considered okay).
  • If that is the case then you better contact your internet provider and check with them.

There you go, I hope this guide has been helpful. Do let us know and enjoy the game.

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