Mortal Kombat 11 – Mileena Best Custom Variation for Online Character Guide

Mortal Kombat fans could not have been more happy with the new Kombat Pack. Mileena has always been a fan favorite and she looks pretty solid in MK 11. Her Strings are great and can do a good amount of damage too. Since now we can actually use custom variations. Let’s see what could be Mileena’s best custom variation.

Mortal Kombat 11 – Mileena Best Custom Variation for Online Character Guide

Mileena has really good strings. She has her high and low mix-ups and she also deals a decent amount of damage. This is the variation I would prefer for online :

  • So we are using Play Time, Low Sai Blast, and Rolling Thunder together
  • Rolling Thunder is for starting off her combo.
  • Low Sai Blasts and amazing. You can duck under projectiles and if you actually duck under a High attack you get a Crushing Blow. It is good for mixups with overhead. Strings that end with overhead could be canceled into the Low Sai Blast. This would confuse your opponent.
  • Play Time is for extending certain strings into a grapple move. Again this is just to keep the opponent guessing if you will use a grapple attack or continue to combo using her Rolling Thunder. The grapple can only be dodged by jumping or ducking. Blocking won’t help. So if you know your opponent is going to jump or duck your grapple move after the string, you can cancel it into her rolling thunder since he will not be blocking and start off your combo.

Alternative Moves/ Variations :

  • Kahnum Dash is nice but it deals low damage. However, the slide is very fast and it replaces the Rolling Thunder. Less damage but a good low-attacking move to be honest
  • Tele Drop will be there by default, however, you can still use the Air Tele Drop to your advantage in certain situations.
  • If you want to sacrifice damage for a more technical variation with good overhead, low and grapple mixup, you can try Vanish, Play Time, and Kahnum Dash together.

There you go, that would be the best Custom Variation for Mileena in Mortal Kombat 12.

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