Mortal Kombat 11 – RAIN Best Custom Variation for Online Character Guide

Rain is one of the new additions to the roster. The dude has some really flashy moves. However playing rain is not as easy as some of the other characters like scorpion. He is like Fujin, difficult to play and low damage for basic combos. He can do good damage but it is really difficult to pull off. He is more of a technical fighter than someone like Noob Saibot who goes all out for damage. Lets see which custom variation would be better for Rain when it comes to online matches.

Mortal Kombat 11 – RAIN Best Custom Variation for Online Character Guide

Like I said, rain is not one of the high damage characters. He is more technical and flashy. This is the variation that I found most useful online. It allows me to extend my combos and deal an average amount of damage as well.

Rain is one of those characters who needs to burn the meter to start off a combo. Let me explain why this variation is the best for now :

  • Water Ball allows you to carry the opponent in a ball of water and direct him towards you so that you can start off the combo.
  • You can use Water Ball after Rain’s Geyser Kick which is also a combo starter when amplified
  • So we basically have two combo starters now , which also helps in extending the combo but at the cost of two bars.
  • Tidal  Wave is a Low hitting special move . We can use it for combos which end in overheads. So instead of the overhead we cancel it into the tidal wave for a low attack. This would confuse your opponent. Rain does not have many low attacks so tidal wave would be good for him.

Alternative Moves/Variation :

  • Hydro Boost is a pretty good move but it is more useful if you use it in the corner. This move does tons of damage but your opponent needs to be in the corner. It replaces the Geyser Kick. This move can also be double amplified to deal more damage. However , this move is difficult to pull off in mid stage , but if you get used to it the damage is worth it. Combine it with Water Ball or Geyser Palm for high damage combos.
  • Purple Rain is a pressure move. It allows you to create pressure on the opponent by using the move. It takes like a second for the lighting to strike and in the mean time you can keep pressuring your opponent.
  • Quantum Slice should be used with Edenian Force
  • So you can use Hydro Boost with Purple Rain if you literally want to destroy your opponent in the corner.
  • Hydroplane, Quantum Slice and Edenian Force for more Krushing Blows .
  • Geyser Palm is exactly like Geyser kick. But its an anti air move.
  • You can combine Geyser Palm and Geyser Kick into good combos.

Hopefully this guide will help you select the perfect variation for Rain. Enjoy the game.

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