NBA 2K24- Best / Meta POINT GUARD (PG) Build

Point Guards in Basketball are known for their incredible ball-handling skills. They are the center of your offense as they are more focused on making crucial passes.

In NBA 2K24 however, the My Career mode allows you to build a player for any position and focus on specific strengths. Point Guards are usually what most users pick. The reason is simply because they run the offense.

Here is a guide that lets you build a really good Point Guard who outmuscles and dunks over defenders.

NBA 2K24- Best / Meta POINT GUARD (PG) Build

A three-point build is ideally preferred for a PG. But somehow it becomes boring after a while when you master shooting. All you do is create space and shoot. Driving to the hoop, however, requires a bit more than just shooting skills.

While most of you would love to have a 3-point machine as a PG, I tested it out last year and got bored to death after a season. So how about having the best of world worlds? Imagine a Point Guard who can dunk on defenders, as well as shoot threes like they were nothing.

Here are the physical stats for my PG.

Attributes :

After you build the physical stats, go ahead and follow these steps:


  • Increase the Driving Dunk rating to 90. This lets you easily dunk over defenders while you are driving to the hoop.
  • Increase the Three-point Shot rating to 80. This is only important because an 80 rating for 3 points would unlock several jump shot animations that could help you make the most of your shots. There are some animations that are so good that you just can’t miss.
  •  Now increase the Ball-Handle to 93. This gives you Gold Killer Combos, Gold Unpluckable, and Hall of Fame Ankle Breaker.
  • Increase the Speed with Ball to 83.  This also gives you a bunch of Badges that you might want to use in the game.
  • Passing is the main objective for PGs. So we need to increase our Pass Accuracy rating to 75. 


  • For defense, we are increasing Perimeter Defense to 88
  • Also, increase Steals to 85.


  • Speed should be 82. We need this to unlock Gold Hyperdrive.
  • Acceleration should be 87. This gives us Gold Speed Booster which really helps us get past the defenders from the perimeter.
  • Strength should be 50. We need this just to unlock Silver Clamps.
  • Vertical should be 78. This gives us access to more contact dunk animations.
  • Stamina needs to be 99. The more you play, the more chance you get to create an impact in the game. As your stamina drops, you will feel your shots go off. So we are not going to compromise on stamina. The Gold Handle for Days would be really important for dribbling past defenders as it reduces the stamina cost for dribble moves.

You can now fine-tune the build by lowering some stats you do not need and adding to some you might want to have. For example, I would take points away from Standing Dunk and add them to  Free Throws.

Badges make a lot of difference. Therefore we try to get as many gold badges as possible. With this build, you are getting plenty of them.

Well, that is all you need to know about the “Best / Meta POINT GUARD (PG) Build in NBA 2K24“.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on NBA 2K24


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