NFS Unbound- How to Get Unlimited Money in Online Multiplayer

Are you wondering how you could earn loads of cash in Need For Speed Unbound Online?

Well, there is a pretty simple trick you can use to get almost unlimited money to enjoy the fastest cars online and dominate your opponents.


NFS Unbound- How to Get Unlimited Money in Online Multiplayer

NFS Unbound is like a savior to the Need for Speed franchise. I had been an NFS fan since I was a kid, but the titles over the last few years did not have that particular thing about them that would make them addictive.

This title is what I was looking for all these years. A Need for Speed title that I would keep playing until the next one comes out. It is not that Unbound has endless content with a pretty short story mode. But as I said before, it has that “special” thing about it that makes me want to play the game more and more. Maybe it is the new art style or maybe it’s Lakeshore, but whatever it is I love this game.

How to Quickly Earn a Lot of Money in Need For Speed Unbound Online Multiplayer: 

The main way to earn money in the game would be to complete races. Cop chases are not that rewarding unless you are on heat 5 and then pursuits take way longer to finish. However, if you know the glitch spots in the game where you could easily hide and get away from the cops, you could earn quite a bit of cash doing it over and over again.

But, the problem is, you do not have cop chases online. This restricts you to only races and trust me when I tell you this, online races are never easy. You would find guys driving the Bugatti and flying across to the finish line before you even go past the halfway mark.

I am talking about the average NFS player who does not have the skill level to beat the pros online. And I guess, you would not be reading this guide if you had been winning all your races and getting all the cash.

So let us talk about the way you could easily earn a lot of money without even doing a single race online.

  • Start your Story mode
  • Change the difficulty to Relaxed.
  • Now play through the weekdays until you get to the Saturday Qualifiers.
  • Make sure it is the second or third qualifier.
  • Play through the entire qualifier and win it.
  • When the cut scene starts playing go ahead and turn off the game. Alt+ F4 on the PC and go to the menu and close the NFS Unbound app on your console.
  • When you load back into the game and you will see that the qualifier is still there and you have earned the money and the car.
  • Now you could sell the car for extra cash and play the qualifier again to get the money and car again.

This will increase your money in Single Player Story mode. But what about online? Here is what you need to do.

  • Once you get the car from the qualifier, go ahead and start the online mode. You would find the same car in your garage. NFS Unbound delivers all the cars that you win in Story mode to your online garage.
  • You can sell these cars for money Online mode.
  • Keep doing the qualifier. Get the car and sell it in online mode.
  • You can also do the races that win you cars and sell them in the online mode as well.
  • You have to keep repeating this.

It is still not patched. So go ahead and get yourselves some cash before the devs think it is enough.

Also, do not try the ethernet cable glitch since it is patched. You would lose your cash and the car as well. Your online account might get reset and you would have to start over from scratch

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below.

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