Project Cars 3 – Vehicle Upgrades Not Working / Not Getting Applied

Project Cars 3 like its previous installment is a very technically sound racing game. There are a lot of upgrades you need to apply in order to do better in races.

Unfortunately, some users have complained about the vehicle upgrades not getting applied. In some cases not all the upgrades will get applied, only a few of them will. Let’s see how we can get this fixed.

Project Cars 3 – Vehicle Upgrades Not Working / Not Getting Applied

From what it seems like, this issue could most probably be due to corrupted files. The best possible way to go ahead and fix this problem is :

Verifying Project Cars 3 Files on Steam :

File verification will be the best thing to do for this issue since it could be possible that some corrupted files are preventing the upgrades from getting applied. Maybe it is an issue where the upgrades are not getting saved. So how to we verify the files on steam :

  • Launch Steam and go to Library 
  • Right Click on Project Cars 3 and click on Properties
  • Then select the Local Files tab
  • Click on Verify Integrity Of Game Files. Wait for a few minutes while all the files get verified. This will fix any corrupted file or download and fix any missing file
  • Once that is done click on Play and launch the game.

Reinstalling the Project Cars 3 :

There could be a possibility that the installation of the game was not a proper one. Missing links, or missing or corrupted files could very well cause issues like this. Verifying the game files on steam should do the trick. If not then try re-installing the game. For that, you have to first uninstall the game.

  • Open Steam and select Library 
  • Right Click on Project Cars 3 and select Manage
  • Then click on Uninstall

This will take a while as the game will be removed from your computer. After this is done you will find the “Play” button on your game changed into the “Install” button.

  • Under Library select Project Cars 3
  • Click on the Install option
  • Wait for a while as the game gets downloaded again and automatically installed onto your computer.

These steps should help you out with any such problem. If not then this could probably be an issue from the developer’s end . If that is the case then you just have to be patient and wait. A patch fix will most probably be on its way soon. Enjoy the game.

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