Saints Row – How to do Barrel Roll and 360 Challenge with Car

This guide will help you understand how to do a Barrel Roll and a 360 to complete the challenges in Saints Row 2022.

Saints Row – How to do Barrel Roll and 360 Challenge with Car

Saints Row is finally out on PC and I am loving it. The game is really good when it comes to content and is unique in its own way. The Saints Row franchise had always been one of my favorites. They know how to make you laugh in the most intense of situations.

Deep Silver claims that this would be the biggest and the best Saints Row playground to be ever created. Even though the city looks beautiful but the main attraction for me would be the never-ending Badlands area. There are lots of places to explore in this game and honestly, I am enjoying it so far.

How to perform a Barrel Roll in Saints Row  2022 :

Apart from the customizations, gunfights, and exploration this game also brings in stunts in the form of vehicle challenges which is pretty interesting indeed. One of these stunt challenges would be the “Barrel Roll” where the car would rotate on a single turn of a spiral while rolling once about its longitudinal axis.

Well, this is a stunt move you cannot perform on the ground. And it would be pretty difficult to pull it off on a car with no upgrades. The stunt itself is difficult to pull off.

To make things easier I would suggest upgrading your car before you try out the challenge.  A decent speed boost and a Nitrous would work just fine. This is because we need to run the car off a ledge or a ramp at full speed to get maximum air time.

The more air time you get the easier it will be to pull off the trick.

The best place to find such ramps would be the Badlands area. Go ahead and explore the area. Once you get a ramp drive far away from it. Now drive towards the ramp at full speed. The moment you are about to climb the ramp fire the Nitrous.

This would give a speed boost and launch you high into the air. Now press the Handbrake button and lean towards the side your car is bent. So basically the input would be Handbrake + direction left or right. 

The landing could be a little difficult so you might need a little practice.

How to perform a 360 Spin in Saints Row  2022 :

The 360 spin is another stunt move you can perform. It is not as difficult as the Barrel Roll but still difficult nonetheless. The 360 spins would just spin your car clockwise or anticlockwise. It is pretty obvious it cannot be done on the ground so like the Barrel Roll you would have to find a ramp to take off from.

Once you are in the air just press the direction left or right to spin the car. Land after you have completed a full rotation or a 360-degree spin.

There you go, that is all on how to perform 360 Spin and Barrel Roll in Saints Row 2022.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below.

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