Season 1 Complete Breakdown Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has sold millions of copies which proves how popular the franchise is. The game is arguably one of the best RPGs of the year so far and I am currently loving every bit of it.

It is a little over a month of release as we slowly move into Season 1. Much awaited by the veteran players as they have already conquered the Eternal Realm. The developers have promised us that D4 Season 1 would be bigger than anything D3 fans had witnessed and after the Season 1 reveal yesterday, we can rightfully say they did not lie.

18th July is when we get the patch and the season is all set to begin from the 20th.

This guide today will give you a complete breakdown of Diablo 4 Season 1.

Season 1 Complete Breakdown Diablo 4

The Plot:

The Diablo 4 Season 1 story is set right from where we ended the campaign. There is a new threat that is making the monsters more bloodthirsty than they have ever been. This is like a plague that is spreading across the sanctuary affecting the hearts of every being. The devs are calling it the Season of the Malignant.

We are introduced to a new character Cormund, an ex-member of the Cathedral of Light who is looking into the Malignant threat. However, he needs help and this is where you come in to the picture as you start off the Season with a brand new character.


The season is all about purging the sanctuary of the Malignant threat. To do that you would need to put an end to these Malignant monsters as well as the source through which this corruption spreads across the land.

Whenever you come across an Elite monster, there will be a possibility of it being a Malignant Elite, also called the Plauguebrearer. As you kill this monster it will drop a Malignant Heart.

Interacting with it will trigger a ritual to bind the heart. This spawns another Elite monster much more powerful than the one you just killed. If you manage to defeat this one you get to collect the Caged Heart. It is very similar to a Gem but has much better powers than one. It can be inserted into sockets allowing you to harness its power.

There are 32 different types of Malignant Powers with varying qualities.

Jewelry and Sockets:

These hearts will have colors and so will the sockets on your gear. You can only insert hearts in the matching color sockets (For e.g. a red heart into a red socket ). Every socketed item you get will have a colored socket instead of the regular one we are used to.

The Jeweler will also give you colored sockets but you don’t get to choose the color.

Wrathful Hearts are the only items that can go into any colored socket. They are super powerful and extremely rare. \

Malignant Dungeons or Tunnels:

There will be new dungeons in the game that are infested will Malignant Enemies. There will be a higher chance of finding Malignant Elites in those dungeons. However, you can even come across one in any regular dungeon but the chance of spawning is very low.


You can Salvage hearts and craft Invokers that can be used in Malignant Tunnels. In the tunnel, you would find a Malignant outgrowth where you can choose which colored heart you want by using your Invoker.

Along with hearts, you may also find other Malignant items that could help you with your build throughout the season.

What is New?

There are a lot of new things getting added to the game in Season 1.

  • New Dungeons or Malignant Tunnels
  • New Craftable Items
  • Items with Colored Sockets
  • New Colored Hearts that could be inserted into sockets.
  • New Bosses
  • New Uniques Items
  • New Legendary Aspects

Remember, that you have to start a new character for the Season. This will be your Seasonal character and you will have to start from scratch like everyone else.

However, the only thing that gets carried over from your Eternal Realm character is the Renown points. So you have all the stats from the Alter of Lilith as well as the Skill Points that you have earned in the Eternal Realm.

This gives you extra Skill Points to your Seasonal Character at Level 1 which is really good as we can get stronger quicker. All you need to do is Log in with the character you have the most progress within the Eternal Realm after the July 18th update. Once you do that, the Renown progress will be saved to the Seasonal character. 

Season Progression:

Diablo 4 will have a Tier system for its Season Pass like most of the games with Season Tiers nowadays. There will be 27 free Tiers for everyone and the rest will be available to only the ones who buy the Season Pass.

The overall Season Journey is divided into 7 Chapters with specific Objectives that you need to complete in order to progress. There will be rewards for completing full chapters and that will include Legendary Aspects.

The best part about the progression is that you do not need to complete 100% of the chapters to progress to the next one. You have the option to select your objectives.

There will also be Cosmetic Items as Tier rewards which will only work as Transmogs and they only offer your gear a new look.

As progress through the season, you earn Smouldering Ashes by collecting Favor and this can be used to gain either one of the 5 Season Blessings shown below.

These blessings act as boosts that stay throughout the Season.

Scroll of Amnesia:

A pretty interesting reward I must say which lets you reset everything on a character for free. We know how costly resetting builds can be in Diablo 4. I personally do not find it to be very logical but that is how it is and this new scroll is a way we can change our build without spending a penny (includes the Paragon Board as well). However, you only get one so use it wisely.

That is basically all we need to know about the Season of the Malignant, the first Diablo 4 Season. It is also worth noting that during the season characters might get nerfed or buffed so as to ensure that characters stay balanced as much s possible.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Diablo 4.

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