Serie A TOTS Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution in FIFA 23

This is the best Serie A Tema of the Season that has ever been in FIFA Ultimate Team. The cards look outstanding and EA has finally dropped the guaranteed Serie A TOTS Upgrade SBC.

If you have a Serie A hybrid squad this is your chance to pack a Rafael Leao or maybe Osimhen.

The SBC is not the cheapest one definitely so you may have to think twice before getting it done. Yes, there might be a chance you could pull a player worth over a million but the drop rates on these guaranteed TOTS packs had been really poor lately.

So without further ado, let’s hop into the cheapest build for the guaranteed Serie A TOTS Upgrade SBC.

Serie A TOTS Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution in FIFA 23

You need to submit two squads for the SBC. Here are the requirements:

83 Rated Squad:

  • You need to at least have 2 players who are 85 overall or higher in the squad.
  • The total squad rating should be 83 or more.

Consoles PC
26,000  24,600

85 Rated Squad:

  • At least 1 TOTS player should be submitted.
  • The overall squad rating should be 85 or more.

Consoles PC
60,150  49,400

Total SBC Cost:

Consoles PC
86,150  74,000

There you go, that is how you could build the cheapest squads for the Series A Team of the Season Upgrade SBC. As I said before it is not cheap considering the number of low-value players in the team. However, if you are looking forward to building a Serie hybrid squad then I suggest you should do it.

These are the cheapest squads you can build at the time of writing this article. So player prices could change due to a very unpredictable and unstable transfer market at the moment. I would suggest you go ahead and use up the untradeable cards you have in the club.

In case you are out of fodder, just buy the squads that I have shown.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comment section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 23.

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