TEKKEN 8- Best KEYBOARD Button Layout

TEKKEN 8- Best KEYBOARD Button Layout Config: Tekken 8 is finally out on all major platforms and the game looks stunning. It is undoubtedly the best-looking Tekken game so far with smoother animations and effects that intensify every little move you make.

Fighting games are best played on a gamepad controller or an arcade stick. However, since Tekken 7 was introduced to PC, the keyboard has emerged as one of the best controllers you can use for the game.

It is highly underrated but in certain situations, it can outperform an arcade stick or a gamepad. This is the reason why mixboxes are so popular nowadays.

TEKKEN 8- Best KEYBOARD Button Layout / Mapping Config

The keyboard comes with a lot of keys and setting up your buttons for Tekken 8 could become confusing for newcomers. This is why we are going to help you get the ideal button layout for the game on your Keyboard.

Here is how I mapped my keyboard buttons for Tekken 8:

Go to Option (Gear Icon)> Button Mapping

1- LP, 2- RP, 3-LK, 4-RK

  • Up- Up arrow
  • Down- Down  arrow
  • Left- Left arrow
  • Right- Right arrow
  • 1, X(Xbox), Square(PS)- A
  • 2, Y(Xbox), Triangle(PS)- S
  • 3, A(Xbox), X(PS)- D
  • 4, B(Xbox), Circle(PS)- F
  • LB (Xbox), L1 (PS)-  Q
  • RB (Xbox), R1 (PS)- E
  • RT(Xbox) R2(PS)- Shift

You can go to Control Setup and Assign Double input to any button of your choice. But it only lets you assign two double inputs. For me, I have assigned 3+4 and 2+3.

3+4 helps me with Hwoarang’s Stance Switch while 2+3 is the Heat Activation button.

Go to Options>Controller Setup

This is what I am currently using.

I am right-handed and Tekken needs a lot of directional precision. This is why I have direction on the arrows instead of WSAD. In case you are left-handed, go ahead and replace the direction inputs with WSAD and assign the Arrow keys with 1,2,3, and 4.

That is all on “TEKKEN 8- Best KEYBOARD Button Layout / Button Mapping / Config“.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Tekken 8.


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