TEKKEN 8- How to do Bryan Fury TAUNT JET UPPER

How to do Bryan Fury’s Taunt Jet Upper in Tekken 8: Tekken is undoubtedly the most difficult game in the franchise. Some moves in the game feel almost impossible to pull off and take years of practice to perfect.

The Taunt into Jet Upper in one of these moves. Often regarded as the hardest move in the game, this lets Bryan get unblockable strings that could be broken in a game like Tekken.

Bryan’s Taunt is a very essential tool in his arsenal that makes him a monster. Players like Knee and Jimmy J Tran are perhaps the best Bryan players in the world and even they cannot get this move done consistently. So you already have an idea of how difficult this is.

In this guide, we will be giving you tips on how you can easily learn the Taunt Jet Upper.

TEKKEN 8- How to perform a Bryan Fury TAUNT JET UPPER

The Taunt Jet Upper is an unblockable launcher that could do tons of damage and the opponent has nothing to do about it. So you know anything as broken as this cannot be easy to do.

Before we jump into Jet Upper let’s quickly revise the input for a Bryan Fury Taunt

Press 1+3+4.

By plus I mean together. 1 means LP, 3 means LK, and 4 means RK. You have to hold all three together to do the taunt.

Once the Taunt animation begins, wait for Bryan to connect his knee with the opponent.

Here is the tricky part. The input for Jet Upper is FB2. To do a Taunt Jet Upper you need to hit forward on the first frame as the knee connects.

Turn on the command history and check the frame in which you are pressing the FB2. Remember, to press b and 2 at the same time (same frame) or else you will not be able to pull off the Jet Upper along with the Taunt.

Here is a picture of a successful Taunt Jet Upper input.

You can see that after the taunt the forward input for the Jet Upper is done exactly after 24 frames of Taunt animations. You need to just lightly tap the forward button so that you don’t hold it for more than 1 frame as shown in the picture.

Remember to keep an eye on the knee and the moment it strikes the opponent, hit the jet upper input. There is no easy way to learn this. The least you can do is assign 3 and 4 in one button and then just press that button and 1 together to do the taunt.

The lab is your best friend here. Keep practicing and you will eventually learn it.

That is all on “TEKKEN 8- How to do Bryan Fury TAUNT JET UPPER

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