Tekken is undoubtedly the most difficult fighting game ever made with Tekken 8 being the latest installment. The overall skill ceiling for the game has been lowered a little just so newcomers can enjoy the game. However, there are still certain moves that even veterans struggle to do consistently and one of them is Hwoarang’s Just Frame Sky Rocket.

JFSR or the Just Frame Sky Rocket is one of the most essential moves for Hwoarang in Tekken 8. If you are planning on playing this character this is a must-know move. So if you are struggling with this move I have prepared a guide that will explain to you how it needs to be done.


Well, firstly we need to know the difference between the Regular Sky Rocket and the Just Frame variant of that. The Regular one is slower and is unsafe on block. However, the JFSR comes out faster and is safe on block.

The input for a regular Sky Rocket is Crouch Dash 4 (4 is RK): Forward, Neutral, Down Forward4 ( F N DF4). Neutral is just a brief pause in this case.

Here is the input for the Just Frame Sky Rocket:  F N DF+4

DF+4 means you have to press DF and 4 at the same time or in the same frame. It should be like a single button input. Unlike the Electrics you need to also press DF together along with 4.  The Just Frame Sky Rocket will have these blue sparks when you do it indicating that you have done it correctly.

One easy way to practice this is to do df4 and check your command history to see if you can land them on the same frame (the same line). There should not be an extra DF input before DF4.

Here is a picture showing both Wrong and Correct JFSR Inputs.

The JFSR is also easier to do from Hwoarang’s  Right Foot Stance. It gives you a one frame advantage which means even if you don’t manage to do it on the same frame it will still register as a JFSR as long as you are only 1 frame late.

There is no easy trick to learn this move. The lab is your best friend so keep practicing until you perfect it.

That will be on “TEKKEN 8- How to Do Hwoarang’s JUST FRAME SKY ROCKET (JFSR)“.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Tekken 8. 


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