Tekken 8 is finally out on all major platforms and is undoubtedly the best game in the franchise. Breathtaking visuals coupled with a smooth-flowing combat system make Tekken 8 a true masterpiece.

There is a reason why Tekken stands out as the toughest fighting game ever made. It is a game that can be easy to learn but extremely difficult to master. The simplest of things like movement takes years of practice to perfect.

One of the essential aspects of movement includes backdashing which could be very easily done in the game. But the drawback is that Back dashing is extremely slow and does not really allow you to dodge attacks in time.

The Koreans therefore, introduced a faster way of backdashing called the Korean  Backdash which could be extremely difficult for beginners.

TEKKEN 8- How to Do Korean BACKDASH Easily

The Koreans are fundamentally the strongest when it comes to Tekken. Their basics are unmatched and their skills come from years of practice. The Korean Backdsh was so effective that in no time the entire world accepted it as one of the basics you must know.

So how can you do the Korean Backdash?

A simple back dash is achieved when you input the back button twice in quick succession. You would notice your character doing a quick dash backward.

However, when you start putting multiple backdashes together, you realize that the speed at which the character goes back is not enough to avoid attacks and create space. The Korean Backdash therefore utilizes this little period in between each backdash to do another movement input just to cancel out the gap.

They would include a crouch in between the two back dashes to cancel out the timer and get the second back dash instantly. Tekken won’t let you do a backdash in the middle of another backdash. The Korean style of backdashing is therefore an exploit.

How to Perform a Korean Backdash on Keyboard and Mixbox

To know how to do the Korean Backdash we need to first understand Backdash Cancelling.

Do  Backdash and before the animation ends perform a crouch. So the input is Back Back Down.

No follow it up with another back dash but the entire set quickly. Input is Back Back Down Back Back.

Now the input for Back Dash is :

BB DB B Neutral B DB B Neutral B DB B Neutral and so on.

Neutral is just a brief pause.

To do this on a Keyboard or a Mixbox

Tap Back Back and hold back after the second input. Then hold Down and Back together. Then release Down first and finally release Back. 

This whole sequence might sound confusing but is easier when you understand the rhythm. You need to do this sequence pretty fast to get the Korean Back Dash.

However, if you find this too complicated here is a trick to make it easier:

Press and Hold Back. While holding back, tap FF, DF, DF, DF, DF…. and so on.  As you are holding back you get a free Neutral every time you press forward. So the moment you get up from crouch you get a back dash as you press forward. All you need is to keep that rhythm going.

You can also do this while holding Back- FF, DFF, DFF, DFF, DFF…. and so on. This is not technically correct but still gives you a decent Korean back dash.

Now remember, you cannot just hop into the game and do the Korean Back Dash like a pro. It takes months and years of practice to actually learn and do it decently. If you are under the impression that you will master the Korean Backdash in a day or two, you are wrong. Unless you are a super talented, Tekken prodigy or something.

That will be all on “TEKKEN 8- How to Do KOREAN BACKDASH Easily

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