TEKKEN 8- How to do WALL JUMP ATTACK from Corner

Amongst all the fighting games, Tekken stands out as the most difficult one. This is especially because of how technically good you need to be to succeed in this game. Tekken 8 being the more newcomer-friendly title of the franchise could still be regarded as the toughest fighting game at the moment.

There will be times when you will be cornered in a match. With your back to the wall and nowhere to go, how do you react to the situation?

Well, some moves in Tekken are universal and do not show up in the move list. I am talking about the Wall Attack or Wall Jump. If you want to know how to do that keep reading the article.

TEKKEN 8- How to do WALL JUMP ATTACK from Corner

The Wall Attack or Wall Move is used to either get out of the corner or perform an attack to win your turn back. Some characters have Wall Attacks like King and Hwoarang, while some have an evasive move that gets them out of the corner with ease, like Alisa.

This move is extremely important for opponents who love to wall-pressure you. At times you can do nothing at all when characters like Bryan take you to the corner.

To do a Wall Move or Wall Attack:

You need to press Back, Back, Up+Back while your character is against the wall. Remember, your back needs to be facing the wall to do this move.

Press the inputs quickly to perform the Wall Move and get out of what could be a tricky situation to handle in a match.

That is all on “TEKKEN 8- How to do WALL MOVE / WALL JUMP ATTACK from the Corner

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