TEKKEN 8- How to Use ITEMS & WEAPONS in Matches

Tekken is undoubtedly the toughest fighting game one can play. It takes years for users to master it and get used to its mechanics and Tekken 8 does an excellent job creating tutorials for newcomers.

Customizations in this game lack variety when compared to the last installment. However, there are things that a lot of new users might not know. For example, how to use accessories in the game. Yes, Tekken 8 allows you to use items in a match.

TEKKEN 8- How to Use ITEMS & WEAPONS in Matches

If you are wondering about how to use items like the Shotgun, that you just added to your character from the Customizations option, you have come to the right place. I would not say these items are ideal for a match but if you want to earn those extra style points or if you just want to have fun why not give them a shot?

How cool would it look if you could end the combo with a blast from your shotgun?

Here is what you need to do:

  • Upper Body Accessory: Up + Left Punch (1)+ Right Kick (4) (PS- Square + Circle/ Xbox- X + B)
  • Lower Body Accessory: Up + Right Punch (2) + Left Kick (3) (PS- Triangle + X/ Xbox- Y + A)

For example, the Shotgun is an upper-body item. To use that in a match you would have to press Up+1+4.

Remember, not all items in the customizations list are usable. Some are just there to enhance the visuals of your character. Items like the Baguette and Shotgun are usable as weapons in the game. While the others are purely cosmetics. There is a small play button on the top right of that item box which indicates whether or not the accessory is usable in game.

That will be all on “TEKKEN 8- How to Use ITEMS & WEAPONS in Matches

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