Tekken 8- Leaked DLC Characters for 1st year

Tekken 8 is undoubtedly the most popular fighting game at the moment. The fans love the new game with its new combat system. Everything about the game is great which can be an indication that there is no way it is going to die anytime soon.

We already have a great roster with 32 characters and 4 more to be added as DLC. As far as we all know Eddy Gordo is the first to be revealed along with the opening cinematic launch. So who are the other DLC characters?

We have some leaked information over here that could easily be true. Keep reading to find out more.

Tekken 8- Leaked DLC Characters for 1st year | Tekken 8 DLC Characters List

Bandai will release these DLC characters one at a time and during a specific season. For example, we get Eddy during Spring. But who do we get for Summer, Autumn, and Winter?

Data miners have been doing their job quite well recently. Upon analyzing the game files they found a lot of in-game texts that were reserved for the DLC characters. For example, they found the fighting style Capoeira along with the Country of Origin as Brazil and we all know Eddy will be one of the DLCs.

Who are the 4 DLC Characters for the first year/Season 1?

So here is some other stuff they found during their search.

Tekken 8 DLC Characters List for Year One:

  • Muay Thai fighting Style with the Country of Origin being Thailand. This proves that we will be having Fahkumram in Tekken 8 as DLC.
  • Country of Origin as Poland which indicates that there is a chance of having Lidia Sobieska. 
  • They also found a move list for Marduk and the Country of Origin as Australia. We all know Marduk is Australian and there is a good chance we might be getting as one of the first 4 DLCs.

So to conclude the list we have:

  • Eddy Gordo
  • Fahkumram
  • Lidia Sobieska
  • Marduk

Seems like a decent DLC list for the first year. There are loads of other characters who are expected to be released like Armor King, Anna Williams, and Lei Wulong. But as of now, these are the only ones who were data-mined.

Again, these are all leaked information and nothing is confirmed as of yet (except for Eddy). Bandai could easily change plans and go for some other character instead. Also, we do not have any knowledge about the time of release for these DLC characters.

That is all on “Tekken 8- Leaked DLC Characters for 1st year

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