THE FINALS- Who WINS When the Scores are TIED?

Have you ever wondered why some teams will refuse to get the cashbox and start a Cashout? Especially when the score is tied between two or more teams. Well, the game never ends in a draw, I guess we all know that. But what happens when it’s tied? How is the winner decided?

If you have your doubts we are going to have them cleared up.

THE FINALS- Who WINS When the Scores are TIED?

The Finals is undoubtedly one of the best FPS games out there at the moment and even my favorite one. What makes this game stand out is its unique concept, breathtaking visuals, and the chaotic nature of the gameplay. You could destroy almost anything you see giving you so many opportunities to control the game.

The rules of this game are pretty simple. All you need to do is get more Cash than your opponent. However, the time limit for the game often complicates stuff leaving you thinking how on earth you ended up losing.

So if the time is up and the scores are tied who takes the win?

Well, it is simple really. When you take a look at the scoreboard you find that there are several scoring departments for your team- Combat Score, Support Score, and Objective Score.

Let’s say you are playing a Quick Cash Game and the scores are tied with $10,000 for each team and the game ends. The winner is simply decided by adding up all these 3 scores together.

So the team with the Highest Overall Team Points (Combat+Support+Objective points for all 3 players) will win the game.

This is why all 3 players in the team need to be good at the game and in every department. Stealing a Cashout at the last second is cool but it won’t help you if your team is getting bodied throughout the game and the match timer ends with a tied score.

Well, that is all you need to know on “THE FINALS- Who WINS When the Scores Are Tied?

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  1. Well, that can’t be right. Just placed 3rd in a three way tie where our combined score was over 35,000 and the team that “won” had less than half of that.

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