TOTY Crafting Upgrade SBC CHEAPEST Solution EA FC24

It is the time of the year when we get the most broken cards in the game. Yes, it is time for Team of the Year and the cards look ridiculously good. EA has also dropped a new SBC, the new Team Of The Year Crafting Upgrade

If you are looking for the Cheapest Solution for this SBC, you have come to the right place.

TOTY Crafting Upgrade SBC CHEAPEST Solution EA FC24

According to the pack description, you will be getting rewards for the number of times you complete this SBC. The maximum times you can complete this SBC is 150 and you will be getting an 83+ x 10 players pack and also an 83+ x 20 players pack which is an outstanding reward.

To complete the Crafting Upgrade you need to submit only 1 squad. Here are the requirements:

  • The player quality should be at least Gold.
  • At least 1 Rare card should be there in the squad.

Here is what the squad price looks like:

Consoles PC
4,650  6,300

Player availability on Consoles is much more compared to PCs. This is why player prices on PCs are often more than Consoles. However, if you are looking for an overall cheap squad, go ahead and use the one I have shown in the picture above.

I would recommend people to complete this SBC as many times as possible. At least for a total of 100 times to get the 84+x 3 pack.

Well there you go, that should be all on “TOTY Crafting Upgrade SBC CHEAPEST Solution EA FC24

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below and also follow FPS Index for more guides on EA Sports FC 24.


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