Valheim – The Best Weapon you can get Early on in the game | Weapon Guide

Valheim is the 10th Norse world. Your aim is to slay Odin’s ancient rivals. One of the most unique survival games out there where you can play up to 10 members. Battle, grind, and build your way to a stronger character as you bring order to Valheim.

Considering the fact that the game requires quite a bit of grinding it is definitely better to know which weapons to use early on just to get an advantage. Here is what I feel is the best weapon you can use early on in the game.

Valheim – The Best Weapon you can get Early on in the game | Weapon Guide

The weapon I am talking about is the Stagbreaker. It is a blunt weapon or you can say an oversized hammer that does tons of damage to skeletons. You can use this weapon as you play in the dungeons. The Stagbreaker does not only AOE damage but also has a knockback and stagger effect. Which is why it is very good for crowd control.

What do you need to build the Stagbreaker?

This is what you need to build the Stagbreaker :

  • 20 pieces of Core Wood
  • 5 Deer Trophy
  • 2 Leather Scraps

You must be wondering how to get Core Wood. No worries, we have that covered too. In order to get core wood you need to get to the edge of the Blackwood forests. There will be various kinds of trees over there. We are looking for Pine Trees. They look very similar to Fir trees but then if you go close to them you will know which tree is that. However, they will have a longer trunk and the leaves start from a much higher spot on the trunk as compared to the fir tree. Chop down these trees to collect Core wood. You can get the Deer trophies by killing deer, as simple as that, and for the leather scraps, you just need to kill Boars.

Once you build this amazing weapon you can also upgrade it to a higher level. In order to do that you need :

  • 10 core wood
  • 4 Deer trophies
  • 2 Leather scraps
  • 20 Bone fragments (which you can get by killing skeletons).

There you go, one of the strongest and the best weapons you can use early on in the game and now you know how to get it. Pretty easy to build and super fun to use. Keep grinding and enjoy the game.

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