Vintage Wine Bottle Locations in DMZ Warzone 2.0

Looking for Vintage Wine Bottle locations in DMZ Warzone 2.0?

Well, here is a guide that would help you find these bottles to save or sell them in the game.

Vintage Wine Bottle Locations in DMZ Warzone 2.0

If you have played Escape from Tarkov, you would be familiar with the concept of DMZ Warzone 2.0. It is basically a new game mode under Warzone 2.0 that features a brand new map as well.

This is more of an extraction-style survival game that focuses more on missions and looting. Players would be completing faction-based missions along with side objectives and get as much loot as possible before extraction.

Vintage Wine bottles are rare items that value at around $6500. The drop rate for this item is extremely low and one should obviously look forward to making the best use of the bottles when they get them.

Where can you find Vintage Wine Bottles in DMZ Warzone 2.0?

To find one of these Vintage Wine Bottles you will have to search these places:

  • Dropped Supply Crates are a good source for these bottles. Search these quite often and if you are lucky you may get a Wine Bottle.
  • The bottles could be there inside the Fridge. If you come across one be sure to look.
  • You could find them randomly lying around on tables.
  • Containers and Caches inside Gas Stations or Apartments give you a thin chance of finding one

When you find them, it is up to you whether you want to sell them for cash or keep them. Remember, saving these wine bottles might do you good as there are missions like the Vintage Connoisseur and the Vintage Collection which requires them.

That is all you need to know about finding Vintage Wine Bottles in DMZ Warzone 2.0.

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