Wellness Center Computer Password in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is surely one of the most hyped games this year, especially considering the 13-year-long wait for a sequel. The game is finally out on all major platforms and does incredibly well in every aspect. Alan Wake 2 boasts of excellent visuals, storytelling, and gameplay leaving you hooked onto your screens until you finish the game.

Along with the mysterious atmosphere that surrounds you all the time, Alan Wake 2 is also known for its difficult puzzle that could leave you wondering for hours. If you are stuck figuring out the computer password for the Wellness Center, we have got you covered.

This guide today, will help you easily decode the computer password at the Wellness Center and gain access to the hospital hallways in Alan Wake 2.

Wellness Center Computer Password in Alan Wake 2

As you progress through the game, you come across the Wellness Center. The Security Room will have a computer that requires a password to let you go through. To look for clues you need to start looking around in the room itself.

You will find a note referring to Vladamir Blum, a new member of the Cult of the Trees. The note tells you about the day of his initiation, referring to it as the day after the new moon in August.

That should be your first clue. For the next one, head to the calendar and you will be able to see that the 16th of August is the only New Moon day that year. So the date of his initiation was basically the 17th of August 2023.

There is nothing else that these clues lead to other than the date of his initiation. Which could probably be the passcode we are looking for. Considering how Russians write dates, the password should be 170823. But the game also lets you through if you type it as 081723.

Go ahead and enter this as the password on the computer and you will be granted access.

That is all on “Wellness Center Computer Password in Alan Wake 2

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