What is the Arcade Quest Mode in Tekken 8?

The release date for Tekken 8 is finally announced. All we have to do is wait 5 months more as the game comes out on 26th January 2024.

A recent trailer revealed a lot of new characters, stages, game modes, and other important details of the game.

One of the highlights of the trailer was the new Arcade Quest Mode which seems to be confusing a lot of users. What is the Arcade Quest Mode? Well, that is what we are here to discuss.

What is the Arcade Quest Mode in Tekken 8?

The Arcade Quest mode is a Single Player mode that focuses more on the Player’s Story. It has nothing to do with the main Tekken storyline and is just a way to let you experience the Arcade events back in the day.

We no longer have the Arcades now, and this is how we get to experience what it was like back then. The younger generations these days are used to online gaming and they never really got a chance to enjoy the Arcades.

I would say it is a really bold move by the devs to encourage more single-player engagement. Tekken does not always have to be the competitive “do or die” kind of stressful game. At times you may just sit, relax, and enjoy Tekken like any other single-player game.

You need to create an Avatar and the players fight their way through a tournament bracket giving you the Esports experience. There will be a lot of Avatar Customizations as well. Some of which will be limited to Deluxe and Ultimate Edition users only.

What are Ghost Characters in the Arcade Quest?

There is also a cool new feature called the Ghost Characters. If you think that the AI will be as brain-dead as Tekken 7, think again. This new feature lets the AI mimic players in real life. Imagine fighting a CPU opponent who mimics the fighting style of a renowned pro player. Not only that, it also mimics you and your playstyle as well.

So what we are thinking of as a completely offline mode is actually not. We fight the CPU which is basically ghosting other players around you or some famous pro players too. As a result, you get a more realistic fight against the AI.

That is all we know about the Arcade Quest so far.

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